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  1. Up and running. All great. Also throwing away about 1.5L every time. Waiting for a water softener install on Tuesday so will see if a change of water hardness could improve this...
  2. Oh you guys are not working from home these days? I still am... Mine says now on the way to my local depot. So at least some progress. You should be able to check the app to see where it is though.
  3. Mine is now for delivery tomorrow!
  4. I can [email protected] is a super optimiser in life haha
  5. Thanks guys for being good sport for this round! Although mine is not coming until later this week: they had billed me the wrong amount (£100 short) lol...
  6. Same. Now waiting for the invoice....
  7. Just to add: the extended warranty is £36, i.e no further discount lol - I tried!
  8. Just to update everyone in the group buy: Mark is out of the office. I was surprised not to receive anything (although to be fair it has only been 2 hours-is). So I rang up sales team who said Mark is not in. I forwarded the email. They said they would reach out to the individual re colour, plug type, extended warranty, and contact details, hopefully very shortly.
  9. Done - email sent to Mark at Osmio. Please keep an eye on your inbox! 😀
  10. Will get ready to send the details out to Osmio once I am back at my computer later. Could those who have not sent their name / email address please PM me those? Believe Osmio will reach out separately for delivery and invoice addresses and contact number.
  11. Added Polly as requested. @Polly could you PM me your name as well please (in addition to the email address)? Just one more to go!
  12. We can also ask when I eventually send the group buy request to them...
  13. Great! I was about to post one of these: https://tenor.com/7DU8.gif
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