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  1. I did vote although the option I really wanted wasn't there. I LOVE the look especially in yellow or white - v industrial with a classic retro vibe and the colour options give it a quirky look too - the paddle on the front is a bit clunky but that typography on the front calls to me... but I imagine it's likely overpriced.
  2. I noticed this too with my children and friend's children - the stereotype that is. I was a girl who didn't fit the stereotype and was drawn to playing with cars and lego and loved to take plugs apart and play with fuses. However, my daughter from a very young age loved pink and dolls and no encouragement in any other direction was going to dissuade her. I also had friends with boys totally living up to the stereotype with an obsession with diggers etc from a really young age. I now work in technology and I love finding out how things work and problem solving. So lockdown happened and it was the process of missing my great coffee which led to wanting to solve the problem of how to make it at home which leads me down the rabbit hole of finding out how that cup is made from coffee to water ratios, grind and brew time and how chasing a great espresso at home is likely to be a frustrating journey littered with failure along the way. I'm interesting in the 'things' and the 'how it's made' and not just the end product but I totally realise I'm not typical to my gender in this. What I love about coffee though is that you don't have to get into the technical aspects or ever even think about that side of things to enjoy it. It's such a social thing. I've always loved being in coffee shops and just hanging out, drinking coffee and people watching. You know that thing where you ask someone if they want to 'go for coffee' and it's really just an invitation to hang out and chat a bit - less formal than having dinner.
  3. Thank you 😊 - the caffeine has the added benefit of helping me keep up with him on walks except for his zoomies - there’s no keeping up with those!
  4. I've been using the moka pot every morning all through lockdown and just considering getting my first proper espresso machine. I follow James Hoffman's advice on method of use so use freshly boiled water to just under the pressure valve and then stop the process just as it turns blonde but before it starts to make the hiss noise. I used to use just pre-ground in it and then got a burr grinder and started experimenting with beans and quickly discovered how bad coffee can get with sour under-extracted or bitter over extracted flavours but have also discovered how much better the taste is with a good bean and a finer grind than you can get pre-ground. There's too many flavours to explore for me first from expert local roasters - I think I need to learn way more about the best way to get the flavours out of in just making coffee before I'd consider trying to roast my own. But then I manage to always burn a few nuts whenever I'm toasting pine nuts or similar - I think I'd most likely cremate coffee beans rather than roast them! 😲😆 - what kind of equipment are you looking at?
  5. Have been researching a first home espresso machine for over a year now and have been lurking here for almost as long. I drank some amazing espresso in a little coffee shop in Brighton (Marwood Bar and Coffee House) and have been wanting to get even close to that more frequently ever since - no coffee shop locally has come close. I did the research and basically came to the conclusion that it's beyond my budget and skills. Then lockdown came into force and with just a mokka pot at home, together with my parter @Jasetaylor (another newbie here) we started on the journey to better home coffee. We got a burr grinder and an aeropress and want to try a V60. We then found a local roaster (Cast Iron Roasters) and gradually am feeling more confident to step a toe into home espresso making. We're looking to get either a Rancilio Silvia or a Gaggia Classic and have just put an order in for a Zero Niche grinder (october delivery). It's been a steep learning curve so far but seems to get better the further down the rabbit hole we fall.
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