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  1. I seem to be getting better shots with the one that is heavier and was thinking that it could help keep the temperature stable while pulling a shot. The generic one that I have is exceptionally light, so now I will just keep the blanking plate on it and use it for cleaning. I do like using a bottomless as my main portafilter and unless I wish to make two espressos at the same time, I see no need to switch back. Anyway we are going a bit off topic, and I only added my experience with bottomless, as it seemed relevant to using 20g baskets. I will get my new "Barista Pro double filter basket 20g" in the next few days. Up until now I have been using my 'original' Rocket basket. You suggested the "ECM grand crema" portafilter, but you also suggest that the portafilter does not have to be too heavy, so it may be the the Rocket one is about right and I will stick with that for now. The funny thing is that it came in a Rocket box, but there is no branding, which is strange for Rocket. I looked at pictures from other authorised suppliers and none had branding on the Bottomless Rocket portafilter. Branding is not that important to me, so I will just assume that it is genuine.
  2. Yes, I know that bottomless portafilters are lighter that 'normal' which I think makes it even more important to get one that has some weight. I moved from a generic bottomless to a branded Rocket which. although still lighter that a spouted portafilter, is a big improvement on the lightweight generic. It was 130 g more.
  3. I moved over to using the bottomless portafilter. First I used a generic one, but I found that a bit light, so then I bought the Rocket version which is about 140 g more heave and my shots improved. Now I will look to get a VST (or IMS), I thought that I would add this, as if going bottomless, the generic portafilters can be a bit lightweight. Even the Rocket portafilter is not as heavy as one with a spout.
  4. My Rocket Giotto is the same
  5. Rocket seem to be a company driven by marketing. I have one and the machine seems to be high quality, but next time I will probably choose a different manufacture. The fact that the frame is not stainless is a bit annoying and the drip tray is not deep enough on my Giotto. I am sure that in time there will be rust. It would have been loads better if the overhang for the drip tray was at least 1 cm and the tray came further forward, so that water did not go everywhere when cleaning. Mine has the timer, so at least there should not be a ceramic mushroom. I wont have a go at Rocket for trying the idea, but they should make it easy for people to change (preferably at cost for the part), as it turns out that it was probably a mistake.
  6. What about Reverse Osmosis? A friend uses that in his bar and his coffeé is fantastic. I have read that if Reverse Osmosis with a Rocket, the water sensor may not always work, as the water is too pure. This issue can be got around by the (tiny) addition of some 'salts'.
  7. I would get the Naked portafilter without a second thought. It enables me to make sure that there is no channelling and now I use it for all my shots. If your machine can take it, I would also consider a Brew Pressure gauge, as this is a very good indicator of channelling and the only easy way to see what pressure is actually getting to your coffee. I also think that mine looks cool and it much easier to see. I have yet to try a basket and shower screen upgrade, as I wanted to get used to my machine and get consistent first. That will be next.
  8. I get that same sound and I got that from new. There is no scale in my area (I never have to descale my kettle), so it can't be that. I would not even worry about that noise and make sure that you just keep your machine descaled. It may be worth investing in reverse osmosis filtration. That would improve the taste of your coffee (and tea). A friend of mine installed that in his bar in Menorca where the water is undrinkable (it wont kill you but tastes horrible plus can give an upset stomach). Now the water is pure, clear and can be used for his espresso machine direct. All the other bars that I know in Menorca use containers of water brought in for making coffee, but his coffeé is the best.
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