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  1. I'm currently on my second bag of this: https://www.girlwithaportafilter.com/shop/p/tanzania-cima and it's flipping lovely. It was a partly sentimental purchase since my dad worked in Tanzania for a few years and waxed lyrical about Ngorongoro, so I bought it to toast him on what would've been his 80th birthday. I don't think my tastebuds have much truck with sentiment though. Served some to a mate (without the backstory) and he loved it too.
  2. 🤣 You caught me, I do mentally recite my coffee rules in exactly that tone. Thankfully, I am not making coffee in Caerbannog and have not yet had need of the HHGoA.
  3. I was, unknowingly, a heretic for years. I had a Delonghi machine with pressurized baskets and a panarello wand, paired with a blade grinder. I used Illy or Lavazza beans, sometimes Insomnia's house blend because I liked their flat whites. Didn't know weighing was a thing, at all. Fill basket, level, "tamp" (with the inbuilt tamp thingy) and go. Thought I was fierce fancy. I didn't start weighing things until I got a v60, even though I had a Chemex into which I had blithely eyeballed everything. I eyerolled and dragged my feet and eventually bought some scales with a timer while buying coffee from a small roastery. Fully expected to scoff and relegate the scales to baking-only. Nope. It was the consistency that did it for me. That, and the speciality coffee that tasted like I didn't know coffee could taste. So from day one with my new machine and my happy little Niche, I've been obeying the coffee laws (first shall be the weighing of the beans, second shall be the flushing of the grouphead, third shall be the agitation of the grinds, etc.) so I can replicate any good shots I do manage.
  4. Thank you, but that involves maths and I am (ridiculously, I know) averse. I blame a maths teacher who talked faster than the speed of sound, and imparted the general sense that I should not trust myself around numbers (exam results to the contrary). Maybe more understandably, I have a word brain (I'm a writer by trade). I don't even use the numbers as is. I eyeball where in the word "espresso" the dial is (e.g. a third of the way between s and p) for espresso, and then relative to either hinge for pourover. It's not remotely sensible, but it works for me!
  5. I switch my Niche back and forward between espresso and filter settings every day. I do go past the dial for v60 but it's easy enough to remember which point past which hinge to set it to for the right grind. It's quick and painless, and I've had no trouble with fines or inconsistency.
  6. I did it the other way around, got an EU plug version here in Ireland. I just use an adapter. James from Niche told me it'd void my warranty if I replaced the plug (they emailed me to let me know I needed a UK plug, bless 'em). So just an FYI on that front.
  7. Just made my first cup of Yemenia. It certainly tastes different, also not sure if I dialled it in first go or not (doubtful!).
  8. I like this one from the Scottish play: "It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." or, from The Tempest: "You taught me language, and my profit on't. Is I know how to curse." (I want that Caliban quote on a t-shirt because I spend some of my time at work tweaking a profanity filter)
  9. She's the first coffee person I remember seeing on YouTube. I only started looking for coffee videos sometime in 2011 (buying my first machine) so that timing makes sense. End of an era for sure.
  10. Is he repackaging and reselling the roasted coffee box from their site, I wonder? Those are £25 for 140g (10x40g pouches). Otherwise he's taking a heck of a risk on advertising something he may not even have to sell.
  11. I was trying to be subtle about it 🤣 Your version works better!
  12. The table on the Kickstarter site feels a little disingenuous to me: Nothing about stepped/stepless setting, size of burrs, that kind of nitty-gritty nerdily interesting stuff.
  13. Not sure I'd be interested in trying a "mathematically perfect" cup of coffee. You'd need a formula that would fill a building to account for even some the variables: bean type, processing, roast type, days off roast, humidity, water quality, machine temp, preference of drinker, etc. Whenever I see big ballyhoo statements like this involving maths and algorithms or some combination thereof, I always think of Janelle Shane's Ted talk about AI:
  14. First cup this morning took 10 mins because I was not awake. Stood blinking hopelessly at the spot where my milk jug normally sits, before realizing I'd put in a cupboard last night (roaming kittens tend to send things crashing at 3 a.m.). Then glared at my grinder for not grinding. Hadn't switched it on, was preoccupied with milk jug. Then remembered you need milk in the jug, to steam for a flat white, so got that from the fridge. Everything was foggy-headed slo-mo because I had not had my coffee yet. Second took under four minutes.
  15. I got my August order at the end of July, a couple of days early. I don't think you have to worry about them making the numbers, the level of demand is why you're looking at November delivery. (Love the Keith Haring avatar, BTW!)
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