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  1. I am, but I wont. The ssp unimodal brew burrs are really bad with dark roasts, to the point it's over spiced soup. My bentwood delivers way better and tastier results.
  2. https://streamable.com/gkf6ng The stupid acceleration in flow is from using a nice unimodal grinder with ssp brew burrs. That is a feature of the grinder and it happens to all shots regardless on the beans, dont want to think what happens to a decaf.
  3. There is this belief that higher pressure means less clarity. From what? I have plenty experience when it comes to all sorts of strange shots, both from my modded machines with ito/leva and with decent espresso. I did pull 3 bar flat shots, turbo 6 bar bloom or dynamic bloom shots and so on. A higher brewing pressure demands for a finer grind. A finer grind if properly extracted and not chocked and channeled can extract higher. Did you see there are some guys here including me that drink extremely light roasts on Leva and we all said that the sourness is not present? you do know why? because it's extracts a lot more than a 7 bar machine. So no, higher 10.5 bar peak pressure shots are not less clean, or have less clarity, they are sweeter and have more extraction with better and riper fruits. You will only understand that when you are going to try it on your own.
  4. There is no way you can pull a dark roast (Passalacqua Harlem) or a nordic filter roast (example Tim Wendelboe) at the same temperature parameters. So it is mandatory to have a consistent repeatable temp control on a machine. Also is is moronic to have a steam boiler in direct connection to a brew boiler, since if you need lower temp you will lower your steam boiler pressure, having a less powerful steam. You must learn to control the steaming if you are going to jump from a 1.1 bar steam boiler to a 1.4 bar. So the Evo Leva is just a respond to modern times and needs, where some people pull light stuff, while others pull dark southern italian blends. A simple example is this, here is a light filter roast vs a dark south Italy roast, there is no way in hell you are going to pull them the same, you need a different ratio, a different temp.
  5. Listen, I read the entire decent forum everyday for hours after joining. I watched the videos, the explanation and the topics. I had my decent, has good parts and bad parts. The steam is faster after they figured out they can use both heaters (steam and coffee water circuit) at the same time to steam, because before they would only use ~1.1m of thermocoil (not thermoblock they say it's not a thermoblock) for the steam and then they changed to double that length by adding the coffee water circuit so another ~1.1m so in total they have more than 2m of coils that is heating the water for steam. That changed the steaming time from 30-35 sec to 20+ sec. Then they made the XL (that is more powerful) and now the XXL that has even more power, but it comes with a price, check it to see how much it costs. Even so some hx/dual boilers have better steaming capabilities with a much drier steam. Is the De enough for home to steam? absolutely, you see pros steaming with a gaggia classic or a breville with really good results. My point is that there is a lot of setbacks and drawbacks from the thermocoil system and they came a long way and improved, but it's still suboptimal to a much cheaper boiler machine. My Leva eats alive the decent at the steaming chapter. 6-7 sec for 200ml on Leva with dry steam versus 22-25 sec on the decent for the same 200ml. As for the profile emulated on the Decent, they are made by people, not by Decent. The Londinium, the Slayer and other profiles are not made by the company cause of patents, they dont even name the profiles Londinium but Londonium, and because fo that now they moved to D-flow profile that it's an updated londinium profile. I will give you a small lesson why the decent cant emulate the Londinium, or other machines. Londinium has a 25+g/s flow in preinfusion, the decent has a max 8g/s flow in preinfusion. Now tell me how can you emulate a 25g/s preinfusion with a max 8g/s machine? you cant, and if you search basecamp you find people who own both the Londinium and the Decent and say that running the londinium profile on De doesn't give you the same result as the real thing.
  6. The topic about milk dilution, I will not post links to another forum here as I do not know if allowed but search on google: Too much water in milk- Decent
  7. Faster steaming on De means more water injected into the heaters meaning wet steam, so the dilution in the De is bigger than on other machines. Yes you can set the flow and temp for the steaming, but then you will steam slower than a breville. You find a topic about Decent steaming dilution with weights on home barista, showing it has way more water injected into the milk than other boiler machines. There are bugs in the Decent software right now into the stable version, so dont know where you get your info from but it's not really accurate. Heating time for the De is not 5 mins, it's a bit longer, yes you can make a cold espresso after 5 mins but the steaming wont deliver the best results, more like 7 mins that is still faster than most machines. Decent drops 3C if you pull an espresso after 5 mins from turning it on, just so you know, and i'm talking about the set start temperature not the intra shot temperature drop. If you ask 90C water and pull a shot after 5 mins, you will get 87C water injected in the first seconds then it will go upwards. If you have guests you can have a smart plug to turn on machine from 6 to 10 am and from 3 to 6 pm each day. Guests can be 10 times a year, I would not bother with that in being a reason in how to buy a machine, you buy it for the rest of those 355 days a year not for those 10 days. About size, have a look, if you dont have space then you can cut some machines off the list.
  8. Sorry to be so direct, but why would anyone look at these 3 machines as they are really really different? it's like looking at all cars, from manuals to automatic to small compact city cars to big limos. Makes no sense to me. If heating time is important then you need a 5-15 mins heat time not a 1 hour time, so you can directly cut the Londinium out. Londinium has no temp control, so buh bye, 1990 technology outdated in such an expensive machine no ty. Decent is a overpriced piece of ****, or if you want it more nicely spoken equipment. Cheap build, cheap feel, light weight, is makes a massive sound from the pumps, and has plenty of software bugs even on the stable version. Yes the possibilities to play with profiles are endless and the community is top with a lot more information than anywhere else. The producer and the team are really there, and help always, and respond fast to any question, you are covered 100% even after warranty went off. But the machine is a continue project improvement, both software and hardware, and you will hit your head with some bugs here and now. Is it easy to make good coffee on it? no. Do you find it normal that after you upgrade to a Decent, they ask you whats your grinder, and if it worked with your previous machine and it doesn't work now you must cash out extra for one? like if you had a hand grinder or a sette that worked normal with your old machine, it wont be good enough for Decent. Then do you find it normal for you to use puck prep for all shots, previously you did not, and do you find it normal to add extra steps into your prep? or buy shower contact screens like Bplus, or add a spacer to resolve some of the problems. After you drop 4k on one, hmm. As for Lelit Bianca it's the safest bet, you can make good coffee on it, with precise temp adjustment and the freestyle to pull shots how you want. But it's the same old e61 box, with a pid and a tap water foset that they make it cost 200euro extra for it. Lol, let's call it a Paddle. The Bianca is the cheapest and it's a capable machine. It has stainless boilers, with a rotary pump, and a compact size. The Londinium and the Leva are big machines. I had the decent espresso and even wrote a review about it here: https%3A%2F%2Fdocs.google.com%2Fpresentation%2Fd%2F11LW68_U4e8mNTpioFNTUAQ_7ferRpkdZ5L3cdvir4zE%2Fedit%3Fusp%3Dsharing&e=ATObZbRjrRLtfigC6qdbx3sxW1oFSZCBWLofN-ZXcy4KvluhvwdUrKEDTv0xy1eW0djnNIn8dnixklut_-ZYYvzc6cKirtKk5dhv3w&s=1 I now have the ACS Vesuvius evo Leva, that I am happy with it. But I got it cause I knew what I wanted, a lever with pid and precise temp control on everything. No more guessing and waiting time for recover between shots. I already had several machines, including e61 machines. They are okay, but not for me. The Bianca is more appealing cause of the rotary pump, compared to other vibe pumps overpriced machines like /ECM.
  9. But yours is not an Evo, it's a totally different machine, with a different temp, different water path, different group temp.
  10. You are not crazy, that is exactly the difference between a conical and some flats. And to not compare a mythos versus a Niche, we can just compare the Niche versus a g-iota/df64 with stock burrs in the same price range. The g-iota has more flavors, more extraction, and more sweetness in the cup compared to a Niche. The problems are that the g-iota/df64 or any flat, needs a better puck prep specially when single dosed, and it's way messier to work with.
  11. If you have a kettle that works really nice (a gooseneck).
  12. For people who wont buy this cause they dont have space. If I can make it work you can make it work: https://streamable.com/sw4woh
  13. No or minimal puck prep for 10.5 bar shots.
  14. You came into the ACS vesuvius evo topic to point out the flex as a problem, or at least to question it. Looking at the machine you have at :50 I see flex, but you say it's sturdy and you are happy with it.
  15. I am sorry, is it this sturdy?: https://youtu.be/_QDNtyHbDns
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