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  1. To be honest, I never steam. I have the Decent for 11 months and I steamed maybe 5 times on it for some guests.
  2. That's why i'm going on vacation in one week. One question regarding the steam wand (the long one). Do you think If you had the short water tap on the left, and the commercial long steam and on the right, because of the way it goes up it will interfere a bit with the space for the display/touch? I am having a bit of second thought about the fact that I went with short water tap left and long steam wand right. Because all my machines had the steam on the right, I feel it's more familiar and better specially if you have the machine placed near a big wall to the left or near a kitchen talle
  3. That would be me: https://streamable.com/?page=2 What you see in the video can be done to almost all grinders. To the ek43 too. I press on the dial ring, not the on collar that moves the burrs. I am sure once you are close to touch burrs if you imply 5-10 microns the burrs wil touch. If it's too hard to believe, here is an older video of me: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCmBYqvh5wV/
  4. I am hoping to get the extraction parameters as consistent as possible (the only modular thing would be when you raise the lever but with a hall sensor and a Timer I would have a timer already for the machine, that would start when the pump starts) so I can focus more on puck prep, instead of changing profiles. The main reason why I go away from decent is the grind size. Recently (Jan 2021) me and a bunch a friends got Bentwood C63 grinder, and while comparing the shots with the same coffee/basket I was grinding the finest and this is a trend that is valid for Decent due to it's big head
  5. I see more people that get the machine, or so to speak the guys from 1st batch are mostly drinking normal (traditional) rich well developed coffee on traditional grinders. I have nothing against that, I respect it and understand it. The good part out of all of that is the simplicity that gives you really consistent (cause not many extra steps) and delicious results, and for some that is all that is important. But coffee has many faces now, and there are many ways to do espresso (you can judge them being wrong, or inappropriate, like 5-10 years ago nobody would even bother buying unde
  6. I'm not feeling this mod, the more I use it the more useless I find it. https://streamable.com/qrx1n6
  7. WDT is really important, not just because in some grinders it mixes the non uniform output or breaks clumps, but because you can actually mix the grind and get a more level/uniform coffee bed before tamping. This will create a more even density puck and a better extraction. It's a fact. As for a heated portafilter, or a temp stable thing, that is not desirable, because old levers drop temp 6-15C while pulling and for sure they been pulling medium - dark roasts while doing that. And because med to dark roasts dont need high temp, you pull them at a much lower temp. If you ev
  8. There is a used hedone honne on kaffee-netz for 650 euro. For that price I would get one. I would not get one for 1250 euro or what the actual price (yes I tested two of them). The company is roasting too, but they focus on well developed coffee, and there are users who from time to time enjoy some lighter roasts too but the grinder cannot make it there. It just stops and locks while grinding. There are several reasons why, the motor is a bit too weak (belt driven pulleys with a 120W motor), a limitation to stop the grinder if extra torque is needed (something electronic) and th
  9. :))) You could say I played a bit with the grinders, and also spend some years reading forums and talking to others, it doesnt mean i'm right: You probably also know I was the ek43 biggest fan, with a lot of content about it, and a lot of parts made custom. The Guatemala monster was also aligned with ssp red speed.
  10. Try and see how you like it when you get it. If things dont work as expected (not to blame the machine) you can simply remove 1 spring and have max 7 bar extractions that should suit your burr type +light roast really well. Or simply change the burrs/grinder.
  11. The machine can pull anything, it's just those few burrs that are a bit more limited on shot time. This is not about this machine. I can't say anything about the machine since I do not have it or tested it. But from the users feedback I think it's a really good consistent machine, with a lot of missing modern features that are not build on rest of the levers. The moment I found out about it I started to ask question and then placed the order. The machine doesn't dissapoint (in my eyes) it looks outstanding, top quality with thick materials no cost saving, and it does everything it promis
  12. For the blooming to be good you need to hit certain parameters, in my opinion the hardest profile to hit properly. The flow in blooming must be set to a certain value after the bloom, let's say 2.2g sec input flow into the puck (a bit hard to do here). Or you could dial in the shot so that after a 8-12 sec water pump to kill the flow and wait another 20-30 sec with bloom and then raise the lever but the pressure would not go above 6-7 bar, gusher fast flow shot. Again this is just for light stuff, for some people this is not espresso and I totally understand it, I respect your preference
  13. Dont get this wrong, I did not imply he is not making delicious coffee. I was just responding to things related to EY. EY is not everything about coffee, it doesn't always dictate taste, but it's related to it. From my understanding, the finer the grind, the lower extraction pressure the better. SSP LU might not grind as fine as SSP HU 98mm, but it's still much finer that many grinders. The thing is, with SSP HU98mm, you can achieve outstanding explosive taste from light roasts in 4-5 bar shots that drop to 2-3 bar fast, with ultra fast flows but this doesn't work with medium ro
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