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  1. Beans vary in density therefore a fixed volume scoop won't be accurate, you need a scale.
  2. Thanks Dave and Wow!....You've achieved the most holy position of moderator - Congrats. When I was last active round these parts you had left the forum following something I wasn't a party to. Was sad that you had left to be honest. Test - 1908 Onoto 🥳🥳🥳
  3. Thanks Rumpelstiltskin, that appears to be simple linking rather than embedding, I suspect it will display the link only and not display the image. Test as below.....(failed to display image, therefore merely linking only available which is odd and unique to this forum from my experience). https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48921718952_183573102d_c.jpg But I want it to display like this but without having to upload it to the forum server. As below, now taking up space on the forum server.
  4. How do I embed a linked image rather than be limited to uploading to this forum only?
  5. I put mine through the dishwasher when the oils build up, had good results. Bear in mind my Mokka pot is a stainless steel Bialetti model. you could try Puly Caff, it is for back flushing but also for soaking coffee related parts such as baskets and portafilters.
  6. I've had many holidays at Waihi Beach, mainly a beach bach and like you, made the trek past Shark Bay to get to the secluded beach at Orokawa Bay and spent many hours there soaking in the sun. I've only ever tried coffee from Flatwhite Cafe which from memory was good, I also helped them with their planning consent at the council, helped develop the road/parking re-development. Really missing NZ and the 15 minute drive to the office over the Mount. It was rarely 15 minutes getting back though, more 30-45 minutes. Attached is a pic most Kiwis will know - The view from the top of Mt M
  7. Ah, the good old Tron, where it is.....ON! Always meant to spend a good long day at the Gov Gardens again before I left but rarely ventured over the Kaimai’s during my last few months. Missing NZ, my runs up & down Mt Maunganui, the drives through the Gorge, rolling down the Kaimais at high speed and breathtaking scenery. Wairere Falls -
  8. Small world, I lived in Tauranga for 12 years and Auckland for 3 years before that. Now in relocated to UK.
  9. Yes, we hate them....what, with all that thermoblock privilege. On a serious note I wasn’t aware of any such ‘problem’.
  10. Starting at the potential end game, very impressed and it does save the years of crappy single use dual boilers / HX headaches. Thanks for sharing 👍
  11. Never mind this I'm looking forward to the worlds Largest Spooning!
  12. Welcome to the forum, the learning curve and the financial drain on the pursuit of better coffee.
  13. That is indeed sad news, he added much value to this forum.
  14. Very yes please, would love to try some. DM to follow.
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