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  1. because he (JH) was unable to source one - out of stock.
  2. There it is, the long awaited review for the entry level machines.
  3. I live very close to Horsham and am a customer of HCR. The offer is a referral which you get from your first order (first order typically getting a 15% off code).
  4. Could I pester you to post a photo of the Gaggia, I'm not in the market for one but do love seeing modded Classics & Silvias.
  5. It wasn't too long ago that I pondered the same dilemma, I like the look of the black cover but seeing as my V5 chromed cover is in perfect condition and not wanting to invest much more in the Silvia in order to reduce any loses when I upgrade & decided to stick with the original cover. https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/product/rancilio-silvia-chrome-plated-group-head-cover/
  6. Countersunk won't work as the holes in the burr are not countersunk. You need panhead or button head style screws, it's your choice of either slot, Phillips or hex though, I'd be inclined to go for a 5 pack of hex head and just replace all three bolts. Make sure the screw head does not protrude any more than the original screws, it is unlikely that they will as screws are fairly standard. Here is a link for marine grade stainless steel A4 bolts with hex button head which should do the job nicely, use the pull down menu for M5x10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M3-M4-M5-M6-A4-Stainless-Socket-BUTTON-Head-Screws-Allen-Key-Bolts-Hex-Marine-/272855382495?var=&hash=item852e781c99
  7. Not sure if this is the correct model revision but at least a start. https://wiki.wholelattelove.com/images/6/60/E37S_Parts_Diagram.pdf The lower carrier screws are (Part 73) M5x10 bolts/screws. Google translate = CYLINDRICAL HEAD SCREW WITH M5 X 10 STEEL SLOT. Assuming nothing out of the ordinary with the screw thread an M5x10 stainless steel bolt, pan head with either a slot, philips or combined should do the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M4-M5-M6-A2-Stainless-Steel-Machine-Screws-Slotted-Pan-Head-Bolts-DIN85-/281767811438?var=&hash=item8738a4fa35
  8. Only time will tell as they are around a year on the market, thus far I've heard nothing of the black covers deteriorating and I suspect it is highly unlikely. I'm not sure what plastic Rancilio use but I'd imagine it's something thermally stable. The older chromed plastic covers did not suffer from heat deterioration as far as I know, it was more due to repeated impact of the portafilter against the cover over years of usage leading to damage to the chromed coating.
  9. Well it is a very special 'niche' plug. @msmk0 The Niche Zero indiegogo page will typically update to allow the next ordering month which is October for the EU, best to contact Martin via the Indiegogo page and pose the question directly. From my experience it was a matter of a week or two before the next month ordering slots becomes available.
  10. Then this happened............
  11. Those models already exist, the Rancilio Lucy and Rancilio Nancy 😏 Often I find the claim that the Silvia is the only non-commercial machine produced by Rancilio.
  12. I did implement a fix for the rear leak, or at least damage control after finding rust in the rear frame where dried water residue can be traced from where it drops from the two silicon tubes, onto the firewall/separating sheet of metal and onto the frame. My V5 Silvia was 12 months old when I received it, on the surface it appeared near immaculate and still had some of the panel wrapping on from factory. Yet it has the beginnings of a rust blister right where the water makes its way from the tank to the frame. To say I was pissed is an understatement, on the basis on that discovery I almost put it back up for sale before I'd even used it. I have all the original boxes still. The sloppy design issues for a machine which has been on the market for over 20 years leaves me confounded. The Silvia, by design is destroying itself slowly over time and requires so much more attention to cleaning to mitigate it's self flagellation. The odd thing is, I still like the Silvia despite it's annoyances.
  13. I'd be throwing myself under the bus if I'd design that (Silvia). Fear not, the Silvia Peoples Front will not be coming for you. (Well, on second thoughts to swipe that Minima)
  14. Thanks for the feedback, I understand where you are coming from regarding the calibration of the JX Pro, it is definitely something which would bother the OCD in me. Thankfully the JX Pro I received at the end of last week was bang on zero when fully tightened down, despite that I couldn't resist taking it apart for a full strip down and examine the fit and finish. The process of dismantling and reassembly does upset the calibration if you do not replace the threaded collar with single detent ball (resides under the numbered grind adjustment dial) to the exact same number of detent clicks. Recalibrating the JX Pro back to zero was easy enough except for having to fully unwind off the adjustment dial then reattach it to check calibration each time, after three attempts of overshooting and undershooting I had it back to zero. With the experience of how the JX Pro calibrates it should be an easier process next time now I know which part to focus my attention on. I look forward to the feedback on the C40, I just wish I had access to a walk in retail outlet to have tangible experience of the C40.
  15. Wondering if the Pro carries through the poor design features of the Silvia - Steel frame which rusts with ease. Shallow drip tray which needs to be tilted to remove thus reducing the volume and inducing scratches into that frame. (Rust) Solenoid valve which dumps water onto the frame right at a seam. (Rust) Poor design of the water tank tubing access (which allows condensation from the tank to run out and down the silicon tubing and onto the rear of the frame. (Rust) Shallow access under the group head. All of the above are enough for me to avoid this machine at £1350. I currently live with a Silvia and having stripped it down and experienced it's flaws I'm astounded that after 23 years this product has not addressed the numerous issues which largely revolve around the crappy steel frame (temp imbalance aside). I have the feeling of apathy from Rancilio regarding the development of the Silvia. The PID on the pro looks very basic, the sort of basic cheap PID I would expect to see as standard on the Silvia at its current RRP and temperate instability.
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