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  1. Left is single and other two are both doubles. Baskets stamped with a C are for ESE pods. My 2008 machine came with 4 baskets. Two singles, one with a C and two doubles, again one with a C. Frankly since using up the single and double pods, which were supplied with the machine, have only ever used the double standard (non C) basket. Looking at your picture, from the colour of the baskets, the middle C (pod) hasn’t been used much either.
  2. Wind PTFE tape onto each of the male threads before you tighten them into the reducing bush.
  3. @Bob Geldof 85Looked at similar purchase a couple of weeks ago and ended up buying two items from same seller on eBay which arrived very quickly https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pressure-Gauge-1-8-BSP-Bottom-Entry-50mm-dial-0-200-ps-2-Inch-/120873578223 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-8-Bsp-Female-1-8-Female-Socket-Reducing-Bush-1-off/110726500653?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 One small tip from a previous discussion is to use some PTFE tape on the threads. I didn’t and ended up with some water splashing inside the gauge, fortunately it dried out.
  4. I did the taping and several elastic bands too. Great that people here share these tips.
  5. No I have been through that step, would not have managed without the Naprawa video. Didn't actually take the bulb out but completely stripped down brew switch and cleaned thoroughly before reassembly. Switch now operates with satisfying click but when I tested bulb (as per Naprawa video) light not coming on.
  6. Sorry @ratty perhaps didn't explain myself well enough. Haven't tried a new bulb yet, just in process of ordering one from @FairRecycler. Wasn't sure whether resistor or bulb had failed.
  7. Excellent, I was going to ask about the dummy resistor, whether this needed replacing with a blank and if you supplied this. I finished the refurb of my nephews 2012 machine a few weeks ago, thanks to the help provided by many of the forum members. I have obviously talked about this too much as have now been handed another project by a friend with another non working machine. The brew switch felt very "fuzzy" compared to the other two switches and no pump activation when turned on. Inside machine contained a lot of coffee grounds which gave a clue. Found links to the Naprawa video fr
  8. Morning @FairRecycler just wondered if you are still supplying bulbs for the Gaggia Classic as above?
  9. Thanks @Blue_Cafe and @phario It is an Olab 8000 series 3 way valve in very good condition, apart from the water inlet/outlet which contained a lot of calcium deposits but now fully cleaned up. Can't find anything about requiring lubrication so will leave well alone.
  10. The long one. There are two circles which should have been spot welds on the upturn of the rear shelf. Looks as if they were not welded properly. Small amount of rust around where the "weld" had been attempted on the inside face of the rear upright panel. Managed to lightly abrade both faces by pulling rear shelf down. Degreased then masked off with Frogtape before running full width bead of JB Weld across the rear shelf to rear face joint.
  11. After a 2 week break returned to refurb project. Have now sourced all recommended materials, new bolts etc and ready to proceed with project. Bonded the non existent welds on the rear shelf with JB Weld as recommended , which appears to be well set. Interested to see @ratty alternative using 3mm screws in a different thread and will use this method if the bond fails. Hoping to reassemble over the weekend. Have a question re solenoid valve - do you lubricate the cylinder with Molykote 111?
  12. Thanks again @ratty very helpful.
  13. Thank you to all who have given advice, it has been very helpful. At present awaiting delivery of new fasteners and seals. Have now read many other threads which are equally useful. @ratty reports of refurbishment also inspiring and am now considering improvements to own Classic machine. Is there a good source for the Rancilia Steam Wand? Also was going to use a cycle lithium grease for reassemble but see that you recommend a food grade grease. Is there a good source for a small quantity? Thanks again
  14. Success!!!! Left overnight with boiler to group head bolts shrouded in WD40 soaked cotton wool balls. Also managed to borrow a much longer allen key and each one cracked off first time. Some of bolts badly corroded so will be buying new. Do you reassemble using lithium grease on the threads? LOTS of limescale in boiler.
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