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  1. Pumps are relatively cheap but they can also be repaired. There are some good you tube videos on how to dismantle, but if you do this be aware that there are some “lively” small parts.
  2. Flow from the pump looks like it might be a bit slow? You should be getting about 300 ml in 30 secs.
  3. Glad to be of assistance, that’s Excellent. As with @ratty this method has never failed for me. I use it as a matter of routine when refurbishing a GC. Was a little confused by your comment about the four tiny holes in the “corners” of a round plate 😀 but I presume you mean the outlet holes which should be about 4 mm dia on the shower screen side. As to whether to go for a brass or Stainless Steel replacement that’s a matter of personal preference. If you search in the Gaggia forum you’ll find plenty of debate on this. Definitely recommend using a blue Cafelat 8.5 mm Group Head
  4. Find a longer bolt with the same thread size as the shower plate screw. M5 I seem to recall. Screw this in slowly and the dispersion plate should then lift off.
  5. Sorry what I meant was do measure the flow through the group, without portafilter. This should be approx. 600ml per minute. If you are getting something near this the pump is fine, I’m sure it will be from the noise it’s making. I have just looked back at your video and frozen the picture showing the interior of the portafilter and the puck looks extremely smooth, with very fine grinds. Try grinding a bit coarser first, then if that doesn’t work try tamping a bit lighter.
  6. Flow from the pump should be about 300 ml in 30 seconds but don’t get too hung up on detail. Pump is new so shouldn’t be an issue and actually sounds fine to me. Does appear that the grind may be too fine and/or it has been tamped down a bit too firmly however.
  7. Ok so it’s not a blocked shower plate as you’ve removed that. Is the pump working? You can check this by opening the steam valve and checking that water flows out of the steam wand when you turn on the brew switch. if there is a decent flow of water then it does sound like a scale build up in the group to solenoid port. This can usually be cleared up with a soak in Citric acid but you will have to remove the boiler and split this from the group first.
  8. Welcome. That piece fits inside the drip tray and is designed to stop splash back from the decompression tube. Many users don’t bother with this part. a parts diagram can be found on the Whole Latte Love website https://wiki.wholelattelove.com/index.php?title=File%3ACLASSIC_Parts_Diagram.pdf&page=1 This website has lots of good info. Including instructions for unboxing.
  9. Struggled to copy on iPad so moved to laptop where fat fingers are less of a problem. Initial thoughts couple of possible causes. Could be scale in group to solenoid interface. Did you take out boiler when removing solenoid? Or as @DavecUK suggested the holes in the shower plate could be blocked. Do you backflush?
  10. Thanks @ratty Ok will do thought it would link directly.
  11. Messages crossed @DavecUK was about to suggest same. How did you view?
  12. Morning Chris and welcome. Would love to assist but sorry cannot see your video, can you try and load again or add photos?
  13. It could actually simply be the bulb in the switch. Best to eliminate one thing at a time. First check that the pump is operating. Do you get water flowing through the group head when you press the brew switch? Flow from the pump should be about 300 ml in 30 seconds but don’t get too hung up on detail. Next if there is flow from the pump is this water hot? Another question is “What did you revise?”
  14. Just the plastic base plate would be excellent, thank you, I’ll send you a PM.
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