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  1. Perfect, sounds good to me 👍 Let’s move to PM and work through the details. I’ll update the thread once the Classic has been shipped.
  2. Hi @Keggs, good to hear! As per the ad, happy to post (cost/risk covered by buyer). Did you have any particular courier in mind or Royal Mail? Not sure what the cost would be to Ireland (from SR7 County Durham) Thanks
  3. I was happy with the Rhino for around 12-18 months but then I was only making a couple of drinks each month and [email protected] says, you need to manage expectations. I knew an electric grinder would be better but I was happy with the results (it’s definitely the lowest setting on the grinder). I eventually upgraded to a Sage Smart Grinder Pro which worked well. Re: postage, I can bubble wrap the Classic/accessories and find a suitable box. Preference would be for buyer to arrange courier and cover cost/insurance but I can drop off at local post office and send if cost is covered by new own
  4. 2012 Gaggia Classic for sale. Owned from new and only light use (4 drinks per month) until lockdown earlier this year when I have been making approx 5-7 drinks per week. First upgrade early on was the Rancillio steam wand and in recent months I have fitted the Mr Shades PID kit and undertaken the OPV mod (10 bar static). The machine has been great to use with no issues other than changing the seals on the steam wand (for full disclosure I had to change the thermal fuse after fitting the PID Kit - I connected something up wrong - Mr Shades was amazing in diagnosing and helping identify my
  5. konrut123

    Mara X

    Just tried my first flat whites, can’t stop smiling 😁😁😁 Amazing first attempt. I’ve been happy with the Classic for 8 years but that was so simple and tasty. The improved milk steaming made such a difference.
  6. konrut123

    Mara X

    Just a quick question, I understand cooling flushes are not required but should you do an initial short flush before the first shot to warm things through properly? (just habit from previous machines!) Thanks in advance
  7. konrut123

    Mara X

    Another Mara X owner, just set up this evening. Upgraded from a well loved Gaggia Classic but I couldn’t resist! I’ve been reading this thread for the past few weeks and looking forward to the new journey.
  8. It’s in the post @Mulligrub, should be with you Monday/Tuesday. Mine was 12bar to start and I luckily managed to get it spot on with the first adjustment so it didn’t take long at all. Thanks
  9. I now have the gauge, thanks @Sam_d I will get this sent out to @Mulligrub in the next couple of days and will confirm once posted. Thanks
  10. Thanks @Sam_d, I'll let you know when it arrives @Mulligrub I will do the mod as soon as I can and send it on to you
  11. Hi @Sam_d, I will gladly have use of this and keep it safe for the next user. I will PM my address details. Thanks
  12. Just ordered one of the new black kits on Thursday evening and it’s already arrived today in the post. Fantastic service @MrShades Looks daunting but I’ll have a go on tomorrow, fingers crossed 🤞
  13. Don’t worry, I’ve just spent the past hour reading through the Mr Shades PID kit threads. I’ve just ordered one in the new black shade which sounds like it might help me delay my upgrade itch if the steam power is improved the way everyone describes!
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