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  1. It’s in the post @Mulligrub, should be with you Monday/Tuesday. Mine was 12bar to start and I luckily managed to get it spot on with the first adjustment so it didn’t take long at all. Thanks
  2. I now have the gauge, thanks @Sam_d I will get this sent out to @Mulligrub in the next couple of days and will confirm once posted. Thanks
  3. Thanks @Sam_d, I'll let you know when it arrives @Mulligrub I will do the mod as soon as I can and send it on to you
  4. Hi @Sam_d, I will gladly have use of this and keep it safe for the next user. I will PM my address details. Thanks
  5. Just ordered one of the new black kits on Thursday evening and it’s already arrived today in the post. Fantastic service @MrShades Looks daunting but I’ll have a go on tomorrow, fingers crossed 🤞
  6. Don’t worry, I’ve just spent the past hour reading through the Mr Shades PID kit threads. I’ve just ordered one in the new black shade which sounds like it might help me delay my upgrade itch if the steam power is improved the way everyone describes!
  7. Hi What did you notice in terms of change with the PID? Thanks
  8. Thanks! I really like the Classic and its actually more than enough for my needs, probably being used no more than once a day on average (even less pre-lockdown) I find it very consistent and easy to live with, you will enjoy it.
  9. Hi Everyone Newbie here, just thought I’d post my current setup. I’ve had the Gaggia for around 8 years and started off using Illy Red pre-ground (disaster!) before moving onto a Rhinowares manual hand grinder to start experimenting in the world of coffee beans. This was fine and worked well but I got the Sage Pro grinder a few years back to make my life easier. I’ve registered on the forum now as I’ve got an itch to upgrade and I’m enjoying reading about everyone’s experiences/tips. My plan a while back was to get a Sage DB but my heads been turned by the Lelit Mara X which looks amazing and seems a very good choice. Gutted I just missed out on the one for sale in the classifieds (although travelling to London would have been extreme from the North East 😂 )
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