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  1. Can someone PM me the code please? Looking at ordering from them soon 🙂
  2. Very cliche but... Yorkshire Tea. Not that I dont like loose leaf tea or anything it's just I'm a northerner so it's that or nothing! 😂
  3. I've been practicing latte art for months on end and I'm still a long way from getting amazing art. It's a slow but fun learning curve. Just literally... practice, practice and... practice. Start with whole milk aswell. Its much more forgiving that semi-skimmed or skimmed etc.
  4. Might have a look into this! Went to Amsterdam with the other half last year and every cafe we went into was incredible. My favourite was Lot Sixty One.. small little cafe near Vondelpark. The seating section overlooks their roastery below. Even brought back two 250g bags of their house favourites.
  5. A bottomless portafilter is something I've wanted to get for a while but having a BE it's a pain to find a decent one. It's either wait 4 months for a Chinese one or spend £100+ on a custom made from a company like Pullman. 🙃
  6. I normally buy a kilo every month and me and my partner will go through 250g a week. Used to store the full kilo in a big mason jar.. but noticed a loss of flavour. Currently keep them in 250g one way valve bags but looking into either coffee compasses coffeevac containers or taking the plunge on airscapes.
  7. Thanks for the info people. Normally leave mine 5-7 days resting time when I get fresh beans but on my most recent purchase noticed that I was getting large bubbles. Will try 10-14 next!
  8. Just ordered myself a 1kg bag of the Traditional Espresso. First time trying Extract. Can't go wrong with £16 a kilo all in!
  9. thawhat

    UK Based Roasters

    There's loads of local roasters in Sheffield. This is one that I've ordered from before. https://www.smithstreetcoffeeroasters.co.uk/coffee
  10. Started strong with a Barista Express. By all means not the best machine but it's a great start. Got it for £285 used on Ebay... what a steal!
  11. Finally joined after lurking for what feels like months, only came into the forums for the occasional thread on an issue I was having or for bean recommendations.
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