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  1. Seeing slow pouring liquid gold never gets old... 😊
  2. I'm a kilo a month type of guy as I make a minimum of 2 coffee's a day. I'll store 250g in a ceramic airscape on the counter and store the rest in a kilo airscape in the cupboard. Always order my next kilo when I'm down to the last 250g to account for rest time and so I never run out. Price varies but it's always around the £20 mark.
  3. Yeah It's definitely temp sensor/probe related. No leaks, checked since day one for any. I thought exactly what you're thinking, hence why I've opted to get a group thermometer so I can monitor temps over a prolonged period. Hopefully my temps are still stable but I have a gut feeling they won't be. At least I'll have some evidence to send over to BB if it goes that way.
  4. Been following these threads closely to see other peoples problems... I received my Mara X (September production) mid November last year from BB and all was good until a couple of weeks in where I went to pull a shot when I woke up (on timer to turn on about 30-45 mins before I wake up) and my pressure was on 1.5 bar and the heating element was on... I left it for a further 10-15 mins to see if it sorted itself out and it kept oscillating down to 1.2 bar then heating element would kick in back up to 1.5. lifted lever to see if the obvious would happen... yup, super heated bubbling brew water.
  5. Done some searching on this single origin espresso they offer but can't find any threads on peoples experiences with this one... really like the idea strawberry yoghurt, clotted cream and almond butter notes when used in milk drinks as me and my partner are quite the sweet tooth's. I've always stuck with the traditional blends (rave signature, black cat's chocolate point etc.) but we're wanting to try something completely different... Anyone tried this and if so, what were your findings?
  6. Tbh the photos aren't really an issue. Mainly wanted to see what the black looks like in the light which ironically you've shown well haha. I trust your judgement. Would you potentially do it for £70 posted?
  7. Ooh definitely interested. Could you upload some photos please?
  8. Been after one of these for weeks. Their completely out of stock on amazon and have no idea when they'll be back in. If anyone has one their looking at selling, please let me know. Thanks! 🙂
  9. Still looking if anyone out there is looking to part with one. Open to anything ranging from Motta to Asso etc.
  10. Popped into most of these over time. It's great to see someone compile a list of them all. Used to visit Steam yard and Tamper Sellers Wheel quite frequently when I was at Uni. Steam yard do a great gluten free bakes if anyone is a coeliac. My partner goes crazy for them, especially the doughnuts! We live in Walkley currently and we're yet to have visited Aesthete... every time I pop walk down south road there's a queue right out the door! Number 1 on my list to go visit when we get out of tier 3!! 😄
  11. Looking for a Leveling Tool with a width of either 58.5mm or 58.4mm Thanks
  12. Sorry for replying a little late, didn’t realise you replied. Yeah I’m happy with that, I’ll send you a pm now 🙂
  13. I've attached photos of everything. With the motta leveling tool I've noticed some marks on the top aswell (pictured). The unbranded stuff are working aswell. Only things cosmetic with them is a little chip on the top of the leveller tool and the dosing funnel is just machined metal so it gets pretty marked easily as you can see from using it with the niche dosing cup (both pictured). Let me know if you want anything out of the lot and we can negotiate a deal for things
  14. £20 posted. Here's some photos... little bit of wear on the handle (few marks & a little dot) but works fine. Been a great aid in fixing my puck prep!
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