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  1. I could offer £200 for this if you are interested in a quick sale, I think this closer to what they usually go for when out of warranty, looking at past sales. I'm going on vacation soon though so can't hold my offer on the table for long as would need to be here for delivery.
  2. Are there any slightly more affordable manual grinders that are passable for espresso or are the XP Pro, C40 and Feld47 the minimum that is capable? Ideally I'd like something small to go alongside my filter coffee setup which isn't able to go fine enough.
  3. Yeah, I mean the boiler bolt in the corner that is being extracted in the video. The boiler is working - just thought I would try and clean it out as it hadn't been descaled properly for years - so I'm hesitant to do anything too drastic. When you say dremel out a flathead slot, do you mean use a dremel drill too make a slot large enough to fit a screwdriver in? That doesn't sound too bad. I didn't use heat before so that also sounds like it might get me somewhere. Maybe I'll hold on until next time something is acting up though. Thanks for the advice
  4. @pharioI recently tried stripping down my Gaggia classic (2005 or so), many of the bolts were tough but one particuarly so and I ended up stripping the bolt (probably a cheap and not perfectly sized allen key). Is there anything I can do to fix this now its stripped? I think I saw somewhere a mention of cutting off the screw head or something?
  5. The Rave decaf for me as well. HasBean sometimes has a nice one as well.
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