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  1. Bravo. Many times the naked portafilter has been quickly shoved back in the drawer in despair after a messy spurting shot with my silvia despite whisking, distributing etc etc
  2. Really cool. What was the music?
  3. It really does look good in the photos
  4. I have had the silvia with auber PID and vario grinder for a long time now and i've generally been pretty happy with it, as long as the roast is not too light! i remember when i first got it there was a routine on home barista i think for warming it up in 7 minutes. But now we are WFH with it connected to a smart plug it stays on 7.30 - 3pm - small price to pay to be able to walk up and make a coffee
  5. Very nice. Considering the same change after nearly 10 years with a silvia + pid
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