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  1. The roaster doesn’t produce too much smoke, but it’s my first roaster so I can’t really compare. it vents out of a fan on the left hand side of the unit so I placed it just to the right of my kitchen extractor fan and it was very effective in removing the smoke. it certainly wasn’t a concern or a problem - hopefully you can see in the videos.
  2. No worries! Using oven gloves and trying to film on a iPhone isn’t great! Lol
  3. link to the video. I have uploaded 4 in total. please no comments about the quality of the video or the mess of my kitchen! Lol!!
  4. Ok, I’ll try to get the vids up in the next couple of days..... the machine isn’t CE marked, and import cost me £78 including some handling fees from DHL. so far, i know it’s early days, but I’m really enjoying the process of roasting. And am keen to understand more and develop my skills thanks all
  5. Ok... so I’ve done my 3 identical roasts in a row. I’ll let you know how they taste in a couple of days. I did take some videos too. But can’t upload them as they are too big.... any ideas on how to share them? thanks
  6. Oh that’s interesting.... obviously a difference of opinion, it’s been ‘open’ since I roasted about 2pm. But I’ve just sealed the containers, so about 8.5 hours of air.
  7. Hi, I don’t have any kind of device to track the draw of the electricity on the plug. Sorry. would my ‘smart meter’ be detailed enough for me to see any changes? Assuming nothing is on at the same time! if I were to do 3 identical roasts, what would I be looking for in terms of difference? In the overview map on the app or actual results in the cup? thanks
  8. Thanks guys. yeah I will get some videos up from my next roast. I have also added below the overview of the medium and light roasts. the roster itself is quite compact.... smaller than a microwave. the beans are now in their own Separate Tupperware tubs ( with the lid off for a few hours!) to let them breathe. I think I’ve got the roasting bug!!! 😁
  9. So. I’ve done my first roasts. I must say the machine is very good. Simple to use the app has some preloaded roast styles so I’ll stick to them for now until I learn more. Then I can go into manual mode! I’ve put a picture below of the app after the roast had finished, I’ve done a Dark, Medium and a light roast so I’ll try them in a few days so - in terms of storing the freshly roasted beans should I keep them separate in airtight containers at room temp? Or freeze them thanks
  10. Hey, so the UPS man has been and my new Sandbox Smart has arrived. so before I go a bit crazy playing with it and letting you guys know how I get one I’ve a couple of questions..... 1) can I roast in the machine immediately? Or should I do a couple of dummy roasts to remove any chemicals etc that might be in the machine. 2) once I’ve selected my green beans and gone for a roast how long should I store them to degas before trying them? Would it be awful if I ground the beans immediately? I’d be keen to see what they are like! 3) I generally store my ungr
  11. Brilliant. Thanks!!
  12. sorry, i cant see what you have linked to, i get a dead-end.....
  13. yeah, it does look very impressive..... i'll be sure to give you all the feedback.
  14. Perfect! Why didn’t I think to search for that! 🤔 I’m getting a sandbox smart - it’s on its way from Taiwan right now......
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