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  1. Mate that was good advice. Knowing where the steam holes are, really helped with my control over the milk. The milk seams to behave and spin right from opening up the steam. Compared to the frothy mess before this was a good step for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Figuring out when the steam turns on and the two hands for steadiness is super advice. I am getting quite close. Would a single hole steam knob help for a beginner?
  3. Hi all, The last couple of days I have had access to a Lelit Mara PL62 to practice making coffee. A major issue is my technique in steaming / texturing milk and as the title says, I am getting a horrendous scream. My goal is to produce a silky flat white's and potentially pour latte art (for what it is worth - I could consistently pour quality hearts steaming on a Victoria Arduino). Research through google and youtube is telling me that I am not introducing enough air into the milk. With the smallest adjustments to lower the pitcher, I go from the scream to bubble city. It really has a tiny margin for that sweet spot to get a good hsssss. I am practicing with a pitcher of water to give me more visibility on my technique however same scream issue. Any advice from the community would be appreciated. A couple of observations; The steam power is much stronger than the VA First time using a knob vs lever to steam Steam wand has two holes - I actually don't remember what the VA had You should never blame your tools but could it be the machine.....(blasphemy) Thanks all
  4. Cheers all. Yeah the barista course was to see if I would actually enjoy making the drinks or if I just liked the end product. 5 full days pouring shots, steaming milk, cupping, brewing with Aeroprosse's and Chemex's - I just could not get enough of it.
  5. Originally from Australia and spoilt with choice And quality coffee, my recent move to Ireland and lockdown has led me to start exploring the world of home brewing. Began with a french press and manual grinder and quickly upgraded to an electric flat burr grinder. Still wanting to make a flat white at home and before investing in my own machine, I attended a 5 day barista course. Absolutely enjoyed every bit and I am certain now owning my own set up is the way to go. Reading the great advice in the forums and envious of the prosumer set ups. Thanks in advance to all.
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