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  1. That post was a really good read. Thanks for linking it.
  2. Maybe impulsive was not the best word to used. I get fixated on something, do loads of research, and then get excited about buying it. I usually stick to a rule - leave the decision for about a week. If I'm still excited by the idea, I go for it.
  3. I'm looking at something like a Eureka mignon. If I can source a used one sub £200 I would be very happy. My friend did describe the price ranges for machines and grinders. I think that if all this does not work out for me, I would like to be able to recoup my initial investment, obviously minus shipping fees. Maybe I'll taste the honey and never be able to look back. My wife might just want to keep using the other machine. Time will tell! Do you guys and gals think the Eureka mignon will suffice?
  4. Hello All, The catalyst to making the purchase was a good friend of mine, who happens to be in the coffee business, saw a picture of me holding my baby in my kitchen. In the picture was my bean to cup machine, which he spotted. He started asking questions and how I like to have my coffee. I explained that I drink espresso's and cappuccinos. Having a steam wand was a must for me. He suggested a lever machine. So down the rabbit hole I went. Next thing I knew, I rinsed out all my nectar points, and made it rain on eBay on an Elektra S1. I think I paid a little less than the average resale price. What have gotten myself into...? I must say that I am having buyers regret, but am also excited to learn a new skill. I fear that for my wife the convenience of a bean to cup machine will outweigh the taste of a lever machine. I still have not received the machine as collection has been arranged in several weeks from now. Now to source a grinder that will not break the bank. Any words of support are much encouraged. Sobering criticisms are welcomed to. Thanks for reading!
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