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  1. I know Elizabeth has a pressure profiling, configurable pre-infusion and such settings to play. Victoria looks like has a brute force pre-infusion according to this link. I'm not owner any of them, but if I would be an only espresso drinker, I would like to have such features, especially with a light and medium roasts.
  2. You may want to check this. There are a few 3d mods for your solo.
  3. It's a bit tough, but not impossible. Most likely your shots are underextracted because of temperature, and grind size won't help with that, you can check this video, which explains why is that(in short: going too fine generates much more channeling, as water can't go pass through evenly). If you have not a PID, you need to Google about temperature surfing and checkout videos like this.
  4. What is the roast level of your beans?
  5. So, I had a chance to compare a single layer (Mr.Shades one) vs a multilayer (flair). The taste improved with both of the screens. Probably, just my puck preparation is not too good, without screens I have more unbalanced shots, and a brew time fluctuates noticeable without them. I have been using the same blend for a month. Sweet spot which I found was around 26-28 seconds, with 5 seconds of PI with 3-4 bars, and 9 bar for the rest of the time. PID/Dimmer mod Gaggia Classic, Kinu Phoenix grinder, 18g VST basket. 1. I have been pulling shots without changing the grind settings
  6. I'll get 1 pack, if you don't mind to post to Ireland. Happy to pay the postage difference.
  7. Multilayer is opposite, makes shots faster, so I have to grind finer. Without screen it's slower and this blend doesn't taste well in 29-30s+ range. Could be that because of I'm using 16g in a 18g screen without screen? But initially I dialed in with the multilayer screen, if I reduce the temperature (for 1-2 degrees for instance), in theory, shots should go faster? But overall, I like how clean portafilter and screen comes out with a multilayer one. One knock and puck comes out like in the videos.
  8. I got Mr.Shades's ones. Made a few shots for the iced latte, so can't say much about the taste difference. These days a bit warm for me to make a taste comparison of the espresso. By real measurements: similar time like without shower screen(16 in 32 out in 30-31 seconds, a bit faster probably. With a multilayer screen I'm always within 26-28s range). Puck came out wet. With a multilayer screen I have always dry, cookie shaped puck. Just reminder: because of thickness of the multilayer screen (flair one), I'm dosing 16g in a 18g VST basket without screen and with Mr.Shade's one as well.
  9. A quick update. I was logging and experimenting with some my shots for the last 2-3 days, and just was curious. Medium blend, 16 in 32out, first 5 seconds with 5-6 bar PI. With a puck screen (flair) I had 27-28 seconds pretty stable result. Without it I was always over 30 seconds, in 32-34s range. Same grind setting etc. I initially dialed in at 27-28 seconds with a puck screen, and 30s+ shots are bit muted, less acidic without puck screen. Does that mean, that puck screen allows to grind finer? i.e. to have similar result I need to go coarser without it. Interesting how will act Mr.Shades's o
  10. If you interested to compare, I can post you my flair/bplus puck screen for a temporary use. I'm waitingy Mr.Shades ones, so will have some time to play with them.
  11. Is that for some purposes? Like someone prefers to use 3 screens at the same time, or just a purchase options?
  12. Any interesting insides you could share or tips?
  13. Probably was there for a while. Just spotted on bellabarista.co.uk. Has anyone had a chance to call them for the price?
  14. Hi! It will fit. Have one, works well with Gaggia Classic 2014 standard portafilter. Probably was mentioned not a group head, but a group head gasket. VST basket sits a bit higher than standard basket, so your portafilter won't lock at 6. To have a proper lock you need 8mm silicone gasket. That's is a sealant in a group head, like below. Standard gasket made from rubber, and people replace it with a silicone one anyway(using standard basket or not), because it's softer and makes portafilter locking smoother.
  15. Ordered from them. Will make some comparison, as much as I can with my experience.
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