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  1. Thanks for the checking, delivery is too much. GLWS
  2. Do you know the weight of cappuccino cup+saucer? To calculate the difference of delivery to Ireland.
  3. By my experience, you will need to grind finer. Everything else the same.
  4. What is wrong with v3? I have a v1 and happy with it, but was thinking about the upgrade to v3 in the future...
  5. It will. Even works with a stock one. But you may consider to change your gasket from 8.5mm to 8mm. Otherwise a bit hard to lock at 6pm.
  6. I didn't change my process to get them again, and to make a photo.
  7. You can drop a post to a wanted section as well, so if someone is thinking about the upgrade or in the middle of some refurbishment project you will get the first call.
  8. Yes, as option. Currently, I make 1 cappuccino per day. I have 2 cloths, replace them daily. After wiping the shower screen, basket, steam wand it goes to a lower rank, and becomes table/drip tray wiping cloth and replaces the one from yesterday, which goes to washing. Thought, that is enough to keep the workflow clean.
  9. Some guys like @ratty @MartinB @FairRecycler refurbish them, and the price normally is around 200-250£. And you can make sure that these ones are ready to go(cleaned, sealed, descaled etc). I would recommend you to check for sale/sold sections to have some idea.
  10. Probably you are right, I use the same cloth to wipe the shower screen and basket after the shot and to clean the steam wand.
  11. Just checked that thread. Not really, I have a few of them, from 1 up to 3-4 only, they don't look like such sharp/narrowish. Had to make a photo... Also I don't get them always, once in a few days. Tried to steam with a water, all clean. Will try to make a photo next time.
  12. Started to notice that sometimes I have 2-3 pieces of 'coffee color' (black/dark brown) particles in the milk after steaming. I backflush weekly, remove the shower screen and shower plate to clean them etc. The last descaling was 1,5 months ago, and I use a bottled water with 60ppm. Wondering is it just a coffee or need to check something else? Do you have the same?
  13. I'll take at the asking price + difference in shipment to Ireland, if that works for you?
  14. I agree, I tried with a different temperature as well, when I had a 6bar, 86/90/95 didn't make any difference. That beans are gone, but I have a well dialed in beans at the moment, will try them with 6bar.
  15. My main issue with 6bar was that I couldn't increase the body/bitterness, doesn't matter how finer I was grinding. Shots were sour/weak, tried a different yield. Beans were new for me and the result of my alterations was not as I expected. That's why I thought may be something related to the temperature or methods.
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