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  1. I can send you mine for comparison, if it takes a while until Mr.Shades will stock. Drinking mediums these days, so don't really need it for now.
  2. I have a similar time to time, but mostly like on the photo below:
  3. Gaggia Classic pre2015. The puck more solid than without the screen, but still have some stuck grounds on the bottom of the basket. It's a very similar to this: What kind of pressure do you use with the screen?
  4. Dunno, I ended with using the non-mesh to keep the shower screen cleaner. And using the mesh one only for a light roasts, as it gives more tastier and balanced shots with them by my experience. Tested with some nice Kenya Kiangoi AB. Screen was laying around for a while without usage(it requires some additional steps, like cleaning etc), because I was using a medium blend , and shots were nice without the screen. So after struggling to dial-in Kenyan with 5-6 shots without screen, tried with it, and got acceptable results in 2 shots. I'm dosing 18g with non-mesh, and 16g with a mesh one in a 18g VST. I will probably make an additional test with a DF64 grinder, as there is a noticeable improvement in compare with Kinu Phoenix(which I have used during the previous test). What is noticeable is, that mesh screen requires less pressure to pass the water through (because of it's a mesh?:)), it's noticeable when washing or when removing the portafilter after the shot, non-mesh has some water on top of the screen with a floating coffee grind, and mesh is dry, same as the pucks coming out from the mesh and non-mesh.
  5. The last comparison is this for now. I have been using Kinu Phoenix grinder that time. I have DF64 now, but didn't compare yet. I think Sprometheus tried to explain what we are noticing with a faster flow at this time point, but by some reason he experienced the opposite. Could be because of the pressure? (I'm using 6 bar with my screens).
  6. Does anyone know, what is the holes size of flair screen? Looking for to get one from AliExpress to pair with my Flair screen, but they have options from 50 to 150 microns.
  7. @Denis S have you tried that one from Shades of Coffee?
  8. I recently noticed this Gevi 2-in-1. Looks legit, and has some review already, like this.
  9. You are right. that's how I made it to work. Adjusting with on grinder. I think that was not metal scratching sound(at least after a few investigation and cleanings didn't find any signs), but the larger particulars stuck between the burrs. When I reach the espresso setting I can adjust back and forward without any issue.
  10. Tried first time to do v60, and after grinding for it couldn't go back to the espresso range, as dial disk was stuck around mocha range. Cleaned the grinder and it was fine again. Did an additional testing with v60, and I turned the dialer with turned on grinder, which was giving metall scratching sound all the way until I reached espresso range. Is it something normal with changing the grinder settings between brew methods?
  11. Lelit Elizabeth+DF64, or Eureka Single doser
  12. Have you tried 10degrees tilt mod? Wondering how will it affect lifetime of the grinder.
  13. I know Elizabeth has a pressure profiling, configurable pre-infusion and such settings to play. Victoria looks like has a brute force pre-infusion according to this link. I'm not owner any of them, but if I would be an only espresso drinker, I would like to have such features, especially with a light and medium roasts.
  14. You may want to check this. There are a few 3d mods for your solo.
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