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  1. You might find https://www.pedelecs.co.uk/ useful. I recently bought a second hand cargo bike (that I can't resist showing off) and converted it using a kit from https://wooshbikes.co.uk/. Maybe a kit isn't for you, but they also sell pre-built e-bikes. Some things to decide on: How many miles you will want battery assist for, big batteries cost a lot and you might not need one Whether you're cycling up steep hills, hub motors can't generate as much torque as crank drive so crank drive is preferred in this case
  2. I've never had a problem with the Bodum ones and I used to plunge hard. I understand your concern though, a few weeks ago I used some cheaper double walled glasses that I'd been given as a gift and the following happened.
  3. Snapshot of my Aeropress setup before I dive into espresso! Contains: Aeropress Porlex mini Brifit 500gx0.01g scale Bodum double walled glass Cafe concetto superfine filter Hexnub aeropress organiser
  4. Started with a Delonghi Dedica a few years ago, but it was always unpredictable whether it would taste ok. Discovered the Aeropress last year and manage to make some tastey coffee at home. Now I want nice espresso, but this time I am fully prepared to do more than press a button.
  5. I only lurked for a few days before joining.
  6. A friend linked me to a post they found in the for sale section.
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