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  1. yep, careful sanding, rust treatment, and painted before wrapping. The wrapping is just slow and fiddly in that area, not really any trick to it, just do it really slowly and carefully. Under the drop tray is not neat though 😊
  2. That’s a v2 probably 13-15 years old. It looks in pretty good state, but look out for signs of rust and hopefully it hasn’t got any limescale the only meaningful difference between this and a new one is the steam wand that is easily replaceable. And that this one has a element attached to the boiler so if ever you need to replace the element you need to replace the boiler too. this has a proper on off switch though which in many ways is better than the momentary switch on the new ones
  3. @ChilledMatt There is an alternative, i was recently introduced to.. be prepared... it's not cheaper or easier, or even easy to get hold of... But it appears to be a mod on a completely different level The ITO mod is not just a PID, its a pid + pressure profiling and gravimetric shot measurements. It's a full on operating system for a silvia (and other types of machine) http://projectcaffe.bplaced.net/features_leva.html https://www.softwareandcircuits.com/division/circuits/onlineshop/articles/ito/configure-v2.php I'm trying to research it and build up the courage to do
  4. he has a policy that he wont review anything that he receives in a way that a consumer cant, so he wasn't able to try and get anything through a backchannel or anything. I believe some manufacturers have sent him items in the hope of getting publicity to be then told that disqualifies them...
  5. I would like to row back on some of my comments from earlier... after swapping my rocky out for a niche... I have noticed 18.6g of coffee in an 18g basket no longer touch the screw head. Honestly I am pretty shocked that the grinds compress so much more, but I can now lock in the basket and remove it with screw doing little more than rubbing the dust on top of the puck, the coffee I am getting out is much better overall, and I am sure much of that is just the niche, but the fact that I am getting less channelling may also be down to lack of the screw impression. So I don't know at all, at some
  6. my chrome one looks perfect after 14 years... the black will probably last even longer
  7. ok, i am loving my new one, but I'll undercut this to 1800 if anyone really wants a white one!! (this is a joke btw... I do wonder if they will get some pretty high offers though, I haven't seen any go for more than 500 yet right?)
  8. despite not using the cup, i checked, only 0.7g was lost to the counter
  9. Not having a doser may take some getting used to
  10. £20 of 3M 2080 White Gloss Car Wrap Vinyl G10 152x40cm and a little tools and a careful disassembly and i was done, but the silvia is a very simple shape to wrap 😁
  11. Did a vinyl wrap of my Silvia back when I put the order in for the niche, nice to see they do match nicely now
  12. at least with the pro theres more space in that chassis to fit more crazy mod's I wonder if i can fit a rtx3090 in there and just turn it into a gaming computer/espresso machine. In order to steam milk you would need to play microsoft flight simulator 2020 for a few minutes to get it up to full temperature.
  13. well saying that I could buy 2 silvia's and the most expensive pid for the same price it's a pretty odd choice for anyone.
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