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  1. Certainly helpful although when some grinders say one thing I don't necessarily agree. Would probably be useful if you were using one grinder for two methods and for sharing grind settings as a start point.
  2. Wish I'd said something like that back
  3. ...I'm a coffee snob. I've got a bean to cup machine which cost £400.
  4. So last weekend roasted the £4 per kilo beans. They were Brazilian Santos and aimed for medium roast. Using a pretty basic method and have been resting for the week. Smell of beans is good and just had it in a pour over. I think it's got good mouth feel with a little acidity. I'm new to it all so some will not go down this route of cheap beans but I'm happy with them and will order more from coffeeroger on eBay.
  5. No expert but I ran the machine (as if it was going to grind beans) with the dregs of a dose and took it back (finer) to just hear the burrs 'chirp' so they are just touching and then turned it to coarser so they weren't touching. This kind of gave me a 0 or start point. This was way too fine for my gaggia and choked it. I can't remember how much I turned it back from there. I have it running with and without beans when adjusting finer. Coarser doesn't matter as you are giving the beans more room! Once you get in the ball pack it is a really fine adjustment and the grinder lets you d
  6. Ah that's beginning to make more sense. Think I'll pass on that little add on then.
  7. Keep it clean or not. Came in some stuff I bought for gaggia. Friday evening during lockdown sounded like the perfect time to start modding.
  8. Yet to roast. I'll have a bash tomorrow now you come to mention it.
  9. I'd like to purchase this please.
  10. I think a moisture meter is about the only thing we haven't got! I'll let you know and take some pics.
  11. Very fair and would agree with their marketing strategy being a little less than welcoming. Thought it was worth a punt. Be interesting to see if it passes as drinkable. Novice roaster and these beans could hurt...
  12. I'm getting back into roasting after having got fed up with not quite achieving something tasty. I was searching for a gene roaster and in the process came across some relatively cheap beans...Brazilian Santos for £4 per kilo. The seller name is coffeecoffeeroger based in Maidstone.
  13. You might have beat me to it @Jony, I was going to offer £20 inc. delivery if I interested.
  14. Haha, I have been trying this but perhaps the fact that I've only managed 500g at a time is my problem! I have to admit I struggle with keep getting it wrong and give up for a bit as I feel it's a hobby and therefore should be enjoyable. I am only adjusting my grind but then I think I subconsciously change my tamping. Keeping 14g constant and attempting to get 1:2 at about 28secs give or take is proving beyond me! Short shots taste flipping awful and long ones are a let down... I'll get there
  15. We have the Melitta and think it's ok. Saving up for an upgrade but this machine and a half decent grinder isn't the worse place to start. We use paper filters or a mesh filter depending on what we think tastes better for different beans
  16. I am looking for this grinder but wonder if it is the same as this one https://www.innes.co.uk/wilfa-precision-electric-coffee-grinder-black.html?utm_source=google_shopping
  17. Had the in laws round this weekend so haven't had much chance to play. Been working on 15g in what looks to be an original basket and no imprint. Got a half decent tamp over the plastic one and that helped to achieve something that resembles espresso although pucks were a little soupy and shot time is over 30secs to get to 2oz. As I write that, I now think that it isn't 2:1 ratio... Anyways will grind coarser today because I'd say it wasn't a weak tamp in terms of pressure. Tried the bottomless portafilter and it splatter coffee all over the place so clearly tamping needs work. Turning do
  18. Thank you @El carajillocarajillo I'll get on it this weekend and report back.
  19. Very fair and will do from now on. It just gives a newbie a little confidence that they are somewhere near where they need to be. I couldn't launch a pizza until I got slightly drunk one night and then it all seem to fit in to place because I stopped trying quite so hard. It's only 10.30 so it's time to disappear down the rabbit hole of espresso
  20. Ok, think I choose the wrong basket - got 16g in double. Way too fine but no imprint as with the single. Any advice on the wand / steam issue and I would be grateful. Setting the grind is a tricky business and certainly haven't had a Eureka moment. Kind of don't feel like I know where I am with it. Need more numbers!
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