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  1. Creating an account so I could chip in! So I recently decided to get back into coffee, hadnt drunk the stuff for years as I can no longer tolerate caffeine, but I decided to find the perfect decaf setup when corona started. Anyways, here are the coffees that I tried: Rave - columbian villamaria decaf Horsham - columbian decaf Coffee compass - mahogony sucker punch Curve - guatemalan primavera decaf Backyard coffee - No. 0 Decadent decaf - indonesian sumatra Coffeereal: DR Congo - rebuild womens hope, Brazil, Mexico, Ethiopia, Columbia Out of all the coffees I tried, the ones that stood out the most were coffee compass’ dark roast, coffeereal’s ethiopian, and to a lesser extent DD’s indonesian sumatra. Bear in mind that these were all brewed through an aeropress and V60, never through espresso. Anyways, I would like to nominate coffeereal’s ethiopian sidamo for the best decaf. It was the first coffee that really blew me away. The sidamo is the only decaf gesha I have found, and is a medium to medium light roast. The flavour notes on the website describe it as: A wonderful funky tropical flavour - pineapple, papaya and stone fruit in a saturated sweetness. Anyways, maybe I didnt have it completely dialled in, but I didnt get any distinct notes of specific fruits, although I did understand the association with tropical fruits as I got a sortof yellow tropical impression from it that stood apart from the other coffees I had tried. What really made me enjoy the coffee though was not these notes, but the thick chocolatey body behind them. This coffee shined in the higher dosage (coarser grind) aeropress recipes which accentuated the wonderful body, and it also did well in the V60. I have ordered some of the nee caffeine hinny and James Gourmet el carmen upon this forums recommendations, so thanks for the tips! If you like african coffees I would highly recommend this decaf, and the other offerings from coffeereal wernt bad either although I would stay away from their DR Congo decaf.
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