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  1. I have a large collection of vintage Gillette DE razors and a few modern DE razors - stainless and zamac included... I don't really go in for exotic soaps or aftershave - that's not really my thing.... Mostly I use feather blades in mild razors and either Astra's or Derbys in more aggressive ones... I find that sort of pairing is better for my face...
  2. I'm new to this forum which I joined for the coffee but I have been baking for a long time and always have raisin toast, brioche and sourdough in the house. I was really happy to see a baking subforum - yay! I baked this sourdough this week and do one every week. These are 80% bread flour 6.6% spelt, rye and semolina each... Baked today! I use two lodge combo cookers. Dough is 80% hydration 500g total flour 400g water and 10g sea salt per loaf.
  3. Hi from the colonies 😉 I'm a musician and I enjoy making sourdough, brioche and other breads. I enjoy some astronomy and building large telescopes and other wood working projects. I also like a good coffee. I started off with Krups thermoblock machines god knows how many years ago and have been using a Rancilio Silvia with a Rocky Grinder for the last 15 years or so. I've just ordered and ECM Synchronika and a Caedo E6P grinder so needless to say I'm just a bit excited about that. Probably have a 2-3 week wait before it arrives - they were out of stock. I kind of enjoy the suspense in a funny way - so that's fine. I joined because I keep doing searches on things I want to know and this great site keeps turning up and giving me information lol. Anyway looking forward to the learning experience and contributing.
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