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  1. I am a convert. I had to mess around with the preinfusion on my machine as I don't have any other way to achieve the 6 bar pressure. Definitely not one for a naked PF. MESSY!
  2. Hi. If you're still working up a list of people to join the collective, I'd be keen. I'm based in Basingstoke.
  3. Well, I finally got the Ceado bellows a few weeks ago. I used it with the first part I made (see previous page) but I decided to use up another big chunk of my time making a different design. It's no better, I just prefer the look. By the way, if anyone plans to order the bellows from espresso solutions, BEWARE! I did not enjoy my first (and last) experience with them. Constant incorrect expected delivery dates, took almost 2mths to come but the worst thing was that when it did finally arrive, they demanded more money. Their explanation: As per our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to change the prices at any time without notifying you. Wow! Btw - lIst price is not the £45.90 + vat I paid at the time of order - it's now £80.27 + vat!
  4. I have absolutely no issues with grind consistency when single dosing. I'm in the middle of a project to add the original Ceado bellows (which is taking ages to arrive) to a custom made adaptor cast in resin which turns to adjust the grind setting too. Here it is with my old 'icing bottle' bellows
  5. All sorted. Can you please move this to sold.
  6. Bought 2 months ago. Hardly used. I've started dosing 15g and this just doesn't suit me now. Includes all the original packaging and certificate of analysis. £22 posted.
  7. Home made from a used makeup container, some vape wire and some hot glue.
  8. They seem to have set it up wrong. The 'right' knob is on the left 😁 Lovely looking machine. Enjoy!
  9. Haha. Thanks. I don't quite have the grinder situation covered as well as you do by the looks of your signature 🤪
  10. I'd bet I spent way more time designing and making the part than you spent on your overtime shift. Actually it was quite good fun and satisfying to see the result sitting on the grinder. Still waiting for the bellows to arrive to see it all together.
  11. With both of us having been perfectly happy with a De'Longhi bean to cup machine for 15 years, I convinced my wife a year ago that we should upgrade. Unlike me, she's not the slightest bit interested in learning how to make coffee, so the ideal machine was the Oracle. In my humble opinion, it's a very capable espresso machine that lets one person have her beans in the hopper and allow the auto-dosing and auto-tamping to do its thing, and lets the other use an older model Ceado E37S (modded for single dosing) to turn a drink into a hobby. One day (maybe) it'll be a Decent DE1Pro but for now, it's the perfect compromise.
  12. I've ordered the bellows (£62 inc. shipping costs) and have plans to fabricate a part that will allow me to use it without spending the additional £240 or so on the other parts listed above. I'll try to remember to take pics along the way and will post the results.
  13. Ok, I'll take it for £160 posted. PM me the details
  14. Hi. I'd take this for £150 inc shipping. David
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