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  1. Looks good. The advantage of the bottle is that it's exactly 58mm wide, so creates a seal that directs the air through the grind chamber. Not sure if these would do the same. Could be worth a shot.
  2. I am fairly sure that the force of the air blows out all of the loose grounds that are there to be released. I've bashed it pretty hard to test that hypothesis without being showered in retained grinds. I have the SSC flap wide open. (I dose into a blind tumbler). I don't believe that new grounds would displace more than a negligible amount from a previous grind. If there's anything retained from the first grind but not subsequently exchanged, that's fine with me. I'll deep clean it now and then as I would if I was using a hopper. The golden rule applies: it tastes great in t
  3. I've just come up with the easiest and um ... workingest ... single dose mod for my e37s. All it involves is a chef's squeezy bottle and ... Actually, there is no 'and'. That's it. Easy, cheap, reversible and it works amazingly well. It fits snugly into the hole so all of the force of the puff goes through the grind chamber and out of the dosing chute. There's no noticeable popcorning. The WORST result I've had so far is 0.2g retained.
  4. If you have one you don't need anymore or spot any for sale elsewhere, please let me know. Thx Dave
  5. Yeah, for that reason I'm probably going to be using my aeropress.
  6. I think they are sold out but I stand corrected about the freshness as they roast fresh each week so keep checking to see if they release other batches. https://yawnbrew.com/products/yawn-coffee-advent-calendar
  7. I've just been gifted this by my lovely wife. I think it's her excuse for buying one with cosmetics or candles or whatever for herself! May be furiously poor value, not the freshest roasts etc. but it's just a bit of fun and I'm excited about the chance to try 24 different beans instead of eating a Christmas tree shaped chocolate every day. Anyone else have one? Dave
  8. I got into roasting fairly recently and have become hooked. It's a fascinating art/science and despite having started with a popcorn popper before graduating to a purpose made coffee roaster, I've never made a single batch that was bad enought that I couldn't drink it. I've bought plenty of roasted coffee that I liked, some I've loved and some I wouldn't buy again, so there isn't really a difference between roasting and buying pre-roasted in that respect. The big difference between the professional roasters and me, is that they create the same end product time after time. I have the abil
  9. Hi Steve. I'm willing to pay the £350 asking price if you will stump up for the courier to get it to me. Feel free to use the slowest/cheapest as long as it's insured. Happy to transfer the money in advance. You can PM me the details if you want to accept the offer. Cheers Dave
  10. The custom paint colours are £379 on BB website today.
  11. Thanks everyone for taking the time to respond.
  12. I hear this 'weak link' comment often What would you suggest would be an equivalent standalone non-Sage grinder? How much do you think I would need to spend on a standalone to taste the difference? Cheers Dave
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