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  1. I'll just leave this link here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nROK4cjQVXM
  2. I think I would be talking to the roaster because there could be a QA issue at that end. The picture you posted was not reassuring, but that may be due to the lighting conditions. I would want to compare the beans you have against some from another batch and/or see the roaster grind and pull a shot with them. I think any decent roaster would be happy to do this for you.
  3. I used a Smart Grinder Pro for a while and it crunched through the high altitude/light roasts I threw at it fairly happily but I'm not sure how long it would have lasted. I believe the SGP is very similar mechanically to the integrated grinders on other Sage machines. What is clear is that either the beans or the machine are not fit for purpose. Were you able to make a satisfactory cup of coffee from those beans?
  4. I find some beans are more prone to channeling than others. Have you tried a higher dose, coarsening the grind slightly to maintain the brew time? You might want to consider lowering the brew pressure; you haven't said what GC model you have. I monitor boiler and group head temperatures using one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232448998066 using a bit of this to attach the thermocouples: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154418341741
  5. That Baratza grinder may turn out to have reliability issues as well. In other news Baratza were recently acquired by Breville.
  6. Mine was cross-threaded from the factory. With any stubborn cross-head screw it's important to make sure you are using exactly the right driver. I got it out eventually and tidied up the thread with a Dremel so I could put the screen back and make coffee pending a replacement. I have the replacement screw (cost about 50p!) but have never bothered to put it in.
  7. Ebay prices are the price you pay, at least on low value items. You could certainly order the item I linked without worrying about additional costs. When you place an order you will notice that the reported item price is *lower* than price you have paid: this takes account of VAT that Ebay handles on your behalf. I believe this also works for Alibaba but I've never tried ordering from there.
  8. The blind filter that works best for me came as part of a brush/cleaning set. The specific ebay item isn't available any more but there are lots of others that look identical, e.g. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254997275769 It measures 58.5x70.1mm (IDxOD) while the 'sticky' basket is more like 58.4x70.7mm, so maybe it was jamming on the internal face as well. Some 'standard' E61 filter baskets have the same issue, although I don't think I've (knowingly) had one where the internal diameter is too small. IMS and VST have specific baskets in their ranges for Gaggia machines, but I've found that 'standard' La Marzocco baskets (made by VST) fit beautifully.
  9. Part of my backflush routine involves loosening the portafilter with the pump running to allow water to flush out of the sides. This will usually push a slightly oversize blind filter out so it remains with the handle. I think I got a blind basket as part of a cleaning kit from ebay and found it was a better fit than one I had purchased specifically for backflushing, so I use that one now.
  10. It might be worth working out if they actually *are* a roaster, or simply a website that forwards your order to a real roaster to be satisfied via drop-shipment.
  11. That's good news. I was able to do much the same thing to my E37 (not an E37s) that looks very similar, but I didn't need any jumpers - it was just a matter of re-arranging the existing connectors and taping some redundant wires out of the way once the board had been taken out.
  12. I used to pick up orders from Pharmacie when they were within walking distance and sometimes take a trip into the country to buy from Craft House at the weekends.
  13. https://cafazzini.co.uk/collections/espresso-accessories/products/metallurgica-motta-stainless-steel-teflon-red-milk-jug-350ml or slightly cheaper https://cafazzini.co.uk/products/italian-made-milk-jug-350ml
  14. I think you can find USB port blanking plugs online - essentially a rubber wotsit you shove into the port to keep damp/grot out. However, I still wouldn't expect the batteries to survive many charge/discharge cycles.
  15. Those are similar to what the original poster has in the first picture. I would say anything that is rechargeable is bad news because the power cord connector on the scale will let damp and/or dirt in and the batteries are unlikely to be of good quality at this price point. I have the version with replaceable batteries linked above, but with 500g capacity/0.01g resolution. They work just fine and are the only scale I have found that fits neatly under the group head/portafilter on my machine. The version I got was well under a tenner from Ebay so it's hardly the end of the world if they die.
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