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  1. The SGP goes from 1 (or zero?) to 60, so that's a very coarse grind. James Hoffman has just done a short series of Aeropress videos on his Youtube channel that are probably worth a look.
  2. I sometimes do this with my Gaggia Classic. One thing to be aware of is that with the steam valve is open and the pump running you are pushing more cold water into the rather small boiler than would otherwise be the case with a normal shot. If you don't close the steam valve quickly - or arrange to start from a higher temperature - you will lower the temperature of the resulting shot substantially.
  3. Mine is a 2020 GC. I run the machine in brew mode (i.e. steam switch off, steam valve closed) without the portafilter, The instructions tell me to do this until just water comes out of the group head. I catch the water in a jug to avoid filling the drip tray. I have a thermocouple attached to the boiler so I run it until the temperature is below 100C. If the steam switch is on you will still be heating water in the boiler. As I understand it there are two reasons for flushing the boiler after steaming apart from making sure the boiler is always full of water: 1. if you're going to pull an
  4. I've just opened a bag of this from Cast Iron, and I'm loving it. Also, I find their 340g bag size to be just right. https://castironroasters.com/collections/espresso-coffee/products/gonzalez-fiallos-honduras
  5. You might want to consider splitting the weighing and timing functions. I haven't found a scale that includes a timer *and* 0.01g resolution. However, these are cheap and cheerful and leave room for a cup under a naked portafilter on most espresso machines: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-01g-500g-Electronic-Pocket-Digital-LCD-Weighing-Scales-Food-Jewelry-Kitchen/193735224530 Pair these with a Mr Shades coffee timer stuck to your espresso machine and you have the job done for around a tenner.
  6. @pipedreams86 You might want to take a look at the Equipment Retailer Reviews on this forum before deciding where you source your grinder.
  7. I think you would find those to be rather large, but they do have a timer. I use these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-01g-500g-Electronic-Pocket-Digital-LCD-Weighing-Scales-Food-Jewelry-Kitchen/202326559745 Same body as the scale Nightrider_1uk linked but rather cheaper and with 0.01g accuracy. For a timer I have this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Baseus-LCD-Digital-Countdown-Magnetic-Kitchen-Cooking-Timer-Loud-Alarm-Stopwatch/392903960950 (sorry about the muzak) This will stick magnetically to the side of your GC.
  8. If you're 56 or over (group 8?) you can book your vaccination now via the NHS website without waiting for a letter from the NHS or your GP.
  9. I wonder whether they are actually roasting the coffee themselves? Putting the description from one of the coffees into a search engine yields a number of results from other sellers of what appear to be an identical product. One of the companies does appear to be actually roasting the beans and sells them for 30-50% less than the others.
  10. Nearly all the roasters that provide recipes for their products seem to end up with a similar brew ratio and extraction time for all their beans, which leads one to wonder if they are actually roasting the beans to hit those numbers (I am not a roaster so I could be way off course here). When I'm looking for the next beans to try out I really want as much information as possible, and having a starting point to work from for the recipe is very helpful.
  11. I do keep going back to Pharmacie, although that may be influenced by them being within walking distance from me.
  12. Depending on where you want to access the grinder you may be able to fit a 220v outlet for it in your new home. As I understand it larger appliances such as cookers tend to run at 220v and I doubt an E37S would notice the difference between this and 240v.
  13. One diagnosis strategy you can try is to line up some shot-glasses (or some other conveniently sized receptacle) on the drip-tray and then divide your shot into fixed time segments and pull each time segment into a glass. e.g. for a 40 second shot pull 4 x 10 second segments into 4 shot glasses, shifting a new glass under the group-head at 10 second intervals. Then you can taste each segment individually to see where the bits you do and don't like occur in the full shot.
  14. Be interesting to see what interest there is in this - the listing looks genuine enough although the starting bid is very low: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ceado-E5SD-New/143938294581?hash=item2183641335:g:AXQAAOSwvZNgG~S9
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