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  1. I was intrigued by this question: a 17.5g dose of the current beans I am brewing (a Peruvian El Palto from Pharmacie) works out at exactly 100 beans.
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for responding. Whilst I wouldn't want to put a spoiler on someone's business there really are some issues with the content on your website. In particular, the fact that all the equipment reviews give a 5 star rating, and when you scroll through the espresso machine ratings you find that 'customers who purchased this machine also purchased these other products' - then showing the other two espresso machines that you sell. I am struggling to believe that these are all genuine customers, and that there are people out there who would purchase all three machines ranging in pric
  3. If you want a Gaggia the best place to order is almost certainly Gaggia Direct. Last time I looked their prices were pretty competitive and, should you need it, their servicing and warranty turnaround is excellent.
  4. The other possible issue with the Pros was a batch supplied around May/June 2020 with faulty motherboards - this affected mine. If you buy new from Gaggia Direct in the UK you should be getting a 3 year warranty, and they sorted my machine out very quickly.
  5. Do any of them expect their baristas to dose, tamp and pull shots manually? I think all the Starbucks I've visited use bean-to-cup machines and even the milk steaming is largely automated. The beans are obviously roasted and blended to meet a fairly rigid specification. If I were running an operation on this scale would I expect the machinery to be set up: - for fixed dose/yield/shot times with fairly detailed monitoring of each shot. - to be self-adjusting (e.g. tweak the grind slightly finer if the shot is running fast) - to be sending settings and monitoring statistics b
  6. I visited Craft House at their new location a week or two before Christmas - they recently moved the roastery from West Sussex to East Sussex. We had a long chat and I came away with a bag of Peru/El Cautivo Christmas coffee. I have just pulled the first shot from the bag (my coffee consumption rate dropped a little over Christmas/NY) and like it so much that I've ordered a couple more bags using this discount code. https://www.crafthousecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/christmas-coffee-peru-el-cautivo
  7. Here are three pictures for you. Note this mod is about reducing retention rather than clumping. I think a lot depends on the beans; I sometimes stir the beans with the handle of a teaspoon dipped in water if it looks like clumping is an issue. Other modifications include: Removing all electronics: it's a simple run or no-run via the portafilter button. There is no timer or shot counter and the circuit board has been removed altogether. I have enclosed the chute with a length of aluminium U section (last photo) but left the trap-door there. There is a fair build-up wit
  8. They look rather high at 3.5 cm to me. I wouldn't be able to fit a cup on top of them under a naked portafilter on a Gaggia Classic. Meanwhile these (2.1cm) work splendidly, although they don't include a timer: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-01g-500g-Electronic-Pocket-Digital-LCD-Weighing-Scales-Food-Jewellery-Kitchen/174496848253
  9. For me it's a rather old Ceado E37 with a steering rack boot added. Works a treat. For a giggle have a look at this thread (read from around page 2 of the comments):
  10. It's a nice picture of a bag but it gives absolutely no clue as to what I would order from the website.
  11. Stox

    Review: Mac & Me

    You haven't said what you ordered or even whether it was beans or pre-ground. For beans 2 weeks old is nothing: I tend to order 1KG at a time, and that lasts me around 4 weeks. I choose and order the next batch of coffee when I am about half way through my 'current' order, so I'm never using anything that is less than 2-3 weeks old. There was a thread here a few months ago regarding a re-seller who was closing down and clearing out their stock at a large discount. I think I ordered 3 of the more expensive beans, all of which were at least 3 months after their roasting date and, although t
  12. That sounds more like a lease purchase arrangement - a bit like PCP contracts with cars. I was thinking of something where you are effectively buying the use of equipment as a service, with a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that includes routine maintenance and replaces or repairs anything that breaks down within a specified time so any potential losses are known. I would expect such an agreement to include installation and any water filtering etc. required.
  13. You might not have to buy the equipment up-front; this company (local to me) advertises leasing packages as an option, which could be a better way to go if there is uncertainty about how it might work: http://drurysouthern.co.uk/coffee-supplier-sussex/buy-espresso-machines/ A possible drawback may be that a "package" effectively ties you a single supplier for your beans.
  14. I think it was around 18 years ago I purchased a Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay watch to wear pretty much permanently. The case and strap are similar to this but the face is different: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seiko-Kinetic-Auto-Relay-5J22-0B39-Men-s-Stainless-Steel-Date-Wristwatch/114581314072?epid=20025202242&hash=item1aad941a18:g:BtQAAOSwZzNfoEc3 It needed a bit of riveting done on the strap a few years ago - cost a tenner at a local watch repairer - and that's it.
  15. I found this company when looking around for possible sources for spares - not for an Alex Duetto. I didn't contact them but they might be worth a call if you need help locally in the future. http://www.espressocentral.co.uk/
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