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  1. I lasted a week...is there a better site to browse while enjoying a morning coffee? Been following a Gaggia Classic refurbishment thread like it's a match report...
  2. Hey there, new here too! I've been using one of these daily and they can make decent strong coffee -- fresh ground beans help of course. I do similar to @Noah T by running the base under cold water to stop the process almost immediately. I'll also turn the heat source off almost as soon as the spout starts spluttering and let the residual pressure push the rest of the brewed coffee through, keeps things rich and seems to help prevent errant grounds making their way through. I'd also recommend filling the base from a fresh-boiled kettle and not turning the heat up too much both which helps avoid burning the coffee and gives enough time for decent extraction as pressure builds. As for true espresso, well...there's gotta be a reason people spend hundreds and thousands more on machines when you can get great coffee from something as relatively cheap as a moka pot or aeropress. But it's all personal taste and there's no point splashing that much cash if you're happier with what you get from the pot than what a barista can do with all that experience and an expensive machine. Still...it's delicious to drink and fun to make and if you buy decent equipment it should hold its resale value (at this point I think I'm convincing myself more that you). I've been home roasting for a few months, buying a few varieties of green beans and preparing a batch each week and I thoroughly recommend it. I'm roasting on the stovetop in a high walled carbon steel pan using a whisk to agitate. I'm finding the low tech approach helps understand what's going on add you can see, smell and hear the beans change as you roast. It's a challenge to finish without a single burnt bean but overall I'm happy with the result and enjoying playing with different temperatures and times each week. I've just picked up a new batch of beans for the Sunday roast and am now looking forward to the first taste come Monday morning!
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