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  1. this has been sold on ebay now.
  2. Just a bump to say I’m going to put it on ebay tomorrow. I can hold off if anyone’s interested, just let me know offers still welcome!
  3. Just amended the post, sorry @The Systemic Kid
  4. After all the hassle of importing it, I'm moving house and unfortunately can't find the space. It's barely used, must have done an absolute max of 10 roasts. It has a perforated drum & 48 rpm motor. Includes 2 thermocouples for the ET & BT, infrared propane stove, an exhaust Hood, 1 extra tray, 1 extra funnel, a phidget and a basic fan speed controller. Can throw in some Kenyan green beans from Rave too. Cost around £1650 all in, so ideally want £1350 (what I paid before import charges etc) happy to take offers providing it goes to a good home. Only shipping locall
  5. @mr-bean What's the white insert you've put on top of the drip tray? I've got the same machine/grinder pairing, and that looks super smart
  6. Throwing Siop Shop in NQ & Passion Fruit Roasters in Chorlton in the mix for recommendations, don't think they've been mentioned yet
  7. Shears1

    red bank

    great review, can confirm Tom's generosity. May or may not be to do with the wine they sent us 😅
  8. Shears1

    red bank

    Couldn't agree more. We've had red bank on guest for a couple of months at the place I work, consistently great.
  9. Is a year a long time to lurk? Bought my Minima, Mignon and Roaster because of this forum. Probably about time I got involved..
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