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  1. Yeah I ordered a small selection of 5.5 to 6oz from this site: https://coffeecups.co.uk/collections/flat-white-cups/products/enrica-6oz-170ml-cup-yellow
  2. I ordered some 'flat white' cups today and didn't really think about how small they would be! Flat whites are typically 160ml (according to google) and these cups are perfect as I've been looking for a smaller drink. It does leave me questioning what the likes of Costa etc are serving when they say flat white. Is it essentially saying flat white steamed milk but in a larger cup?
  3. Interested in this, whats the situation with arranging postage? Also, not quite ready for grinder yet... how does the Rhino match up to the machine?
  4. Picking up a Classic soon so looking to pair it with a decent espresso grinder. My budget is around £200, I ideally want an electric grinder but the Eureka's new are out of budget and failing that I'll buy 1zpresso. Looking to keep this small form factor and single dose / grind on demand, the Mrs won't appreciate a Mazzer I doubt!
  5. Well.. I've decided to cut my losses on this one and sell it for bits! Found another one right at the back of the machine in a place thats a bit hard to reach and its one too many for me! Was on £40 for the machine, I have a feeling there is a lot more that I can't quite see! Oh and because someone wanted to see it... here's the one that tipped me (in the hole in the center)
  6. I couldn't bring myself to photo them! I flung them outside as quick as possible. Never taken one of these machines completely apart but it may be worth it with this one.
  7. Just wanted to share how disgusting this machine is. I'm tempted to never use it but it was so cheap, never been cleaned in its life. The worse bit is that the last owner was using it daily, this thing was grim! Found two alive small slugs in amongst the coffee grounds in the machine and a few eggs. Was only supposed to be a quick clean and sell on... but it's now completely in pieces for a full strip down.
  8. Pretty sure when I tried doing the dry puck method I got around 10 - 12 so the same. Makes more sense to do two 'single' shots and max strength and end up with 24g (ish).
  9. I've tried to work this out based on stopping before the water and weighing the puck but it seems in accurate. Does anyone know how much the Magnifica grinds when set on max?
  10. Purchased this without really thinking about the US plug situation... No use to me as don't have a transformer no fancy buying one but would be ideal if someone wanted to use in their garage or on site etc. This is the Brazen Behmor Connected which looks to be identical but all controlled via an app. Brand new in box, only taken out to check voltage and take pictures. £70 Including postage or £60 collected.
  11. Thanks but I'll just sell it sadly. Wanted it to sit nicely in my kitchen, I've used the big yellow boxes for power tools before and they are noisy as hell!
  12. Ah balls! Sometimes you win... not this time. Stupid me thought I could use a small plug sized transformer, a bit of research shows the needed one for this would be massive! I'll now be trying to sell a US Plug Brazen if anyone wants it 😶
  13. HI, been after a decent auto drop filter machine for a while and come across one on eBay for what seems to be really cheap and new. The machine is a Brazen Behmor for £50 new, the catch? It has a US plug... Will I be able to just use a travel plug adapter and it will work fine? Or will I need to get a voltage converter step down etc? Thanks! Hoping the US plug situation doesn't stop this being a bargain!
  14. Thanks for that link, few more on there that I can look into but it's mostly the same that not many are available in the UK. I didn't want to spend much, but it seems that to get anything that will brew a decent cup I'll need to be spending 100 anyway. It's a toss up right now between a Moccamaster and this https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/behmor-brazen There are the Melittas for sub £50 but really mixed reviews.
  15. I'm in the market for an auto drip brewer and didn't realise the gulf in coffee quality from the cheap to expensive. This seems down to the water temp not being hot enough and the right water dispersion. I've been trying to find some information on which machines hit the right water temps but there doesn't seem to be much info other than the SCA Approved list which are all £150+ or hard to get in the UK. There are plenty of Mellita and Russel Hobbs machines out there, but it's a case of if any of these are actually half decent or if its worth just forking out the £150 for a Moc
  16. I'm usually doing a moka pot or AP but the Mrs have just started to enjoy black coffee at her work. This is a big win for me, but she's really keen on having that film style where they wake up in the morning to a fresh pot of coffee brewing on a timer or popping it on in the afternoon for family etc. I don't want to ruin her experience of home coffee and fresh beans etc with a poor machine. I'm looking for a half decent filter machine (ideally with timer) to use at home, the SCA approved are either not available in the UK easily or are £200+... Our budget fo
  17. Google 100%. Most of my coffee related searches follow the same rule which is to add the word reddit for /coffee but this forum come up too.
  18. Nespresso with frothed milk in a french press. Still trying to persuade the powers to buy a Moccamaster...
  19. Yeah definitely, I wouldn't mind SJ but the Mrs might not like the size of it! The Mignon is sounding like a the leader one this front too.
  20. Hi, I'm currently looking to up by game by getting a grinder. I was going to look at getting an espresso machine and grinder next month but in the middle of a house renovation so funds are a bit tight! Currently using Aeropress, I'm looking to get a grinder now that will be good for this and then also allow me to move onto espresso when I get a classic or similar in a few months. I guess my options initially would be: Mignon, Iberital MC2, SGP or a Rancilio Rocky? Ideally want to stay under the £200 mark, but want something I can grow with and not upgrade straight away.
  21. Hey, looking to buy a budget setup to get into espresso and the grinder has left me wondering for the longest. Posted here by accident but might make sense as I've read this grinder is a rebranded Mazzer? I love to tinker and push things to their limit, instead of a Gaggia Classic i'm picking up a Dedica for £30 with the goal of doing all the mods. Grinder wise... theres a San Remo SR50a local for £100 with a missing hopper. I want to do single dosing so the missing hopper is fine. However, would this machine be suitable for single dosing / setting up without the doser?
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