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  1. Thanks for the replies. I talked to a few repair shops and they all said that they only sell OPVs, no spare parts for an OPV. They also said it's a pretty rare for this to happen. In the end I replaced the whole OPV and the machine is now working fine again. I still measured the old valve cap (is that what it's called?) and maybe MrShades can compare it so anyone else who might have this problem in the future can fix this a lot cheaper than I did... It's ≈9.5-10mm wide across the flats and 5mm thick.
  2. Hi, is this the part you are referring to on the left? I double checked with mine and mine does have a hole in the middle... Any idea where I could get a new one or how to fix it?
  3. Hi everyone, I recently ran into some problems with my Gaggia Classic pre 2015. Anytime I start pumping (without a portafilter inserted or even when group head is taken off), the OPV opens and water flows back into the tank. The water flow from the group head thus only starts with a delay of a few seconds. I am under the impression that no water should flow back into the tank when no portafilter is inserted. The same happens when I turn on the steam switch. The OPV stays open and I can't get any pressure to steam. I thought maybe the OPV is set too low so tried screwing it all t
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