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  1. You said "I purchased a Ceado E92" So I asked you "How was wht E92 by the way?" So I guess i could rephrase and ask... how was your E92 grinder?
  2. If ou dont mind me asking where did you buy it from???
  3. Right... I'm rocking a sage pro grinder and want to upgrade. I will grind primarialy for espresso but want to keep the ability to grind for drip and french press also, but want to be more focused on the espresso side of things. I know people rave about the Niche but the waiting time is too long and worry it may be a bit of a fad. I've been looking at Ceado and wondered if anybody has any advice or experience in presiding on this sort of decsion... Looking forward to heaing from you
  4. Been looking at ceado???
  5. Hello there coffee world. After a few years of messing around with French press/Moka pots/aeropress I've pulled the trigger and got my first espresso machine. I've managed to get a Lelit Bianca (the website sold out in less than an hour of putting their stock online) and will pair of with my trusty Sage Smart Grinder Pro. I know I'm going head first in the deep end with my choice of machine and will probably need to upgrade the grinder when I get the cash, but I'm really excited to get started (and I'm very prepared to make a lot of mistakes). Any advice/hints would be welcome.
  6. MrJimboJames

    Two Chimps

    They also do a great session on tasting and blending if you are local and interested in that sort of thing.
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