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  1. Just finished the last of this. Had some fantastic espressos from it but couldn't seem to get anything I liked using a v60 - I don't think I'd get more again but it was really interesting. Thanks to Vagabond and the organisers, I look forward to the reveal
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  3. They have arrived! Thanks for sending them so quickly - I'm looking forward to using them
  4. I just got a Sage DTP and it came with a broken steam wand. It was advertised as such and I don't mind not being able to steam but if I can fix it then that would be great. The thread that the steam wand screws onto has been snapped off from the inside (see pictures). Is it possible to take the machine apart so I can access the bit it needs to connect to more easily?
  5. I've had some great espressos from this but haven't really been enjoying it in my v60 - has anyone had any luck with brewing it? I'm also going with a Brazilian.
  6. I am also looking for one if anyone happens to have one spare.
  7. A Sage DTP. The steam wand is broken and I know sage isn't fantastic but it was such a bargain and it's nice to finally have an espresso machine. I pulled 2 test shots with my LSOL from Vagabond which need some work but were still decent straight out of the box.
  8. Looks great - would you be happy to do 40 for both tampers and the motta distributor?
  9. Hi, I'm definitely interested in the Motta kit but I'd love to see the generic stuff too. Thanks
  10. I've just signed up and am looking forward to it. I was just wondering how easy changing addresses for one month's postage would be as I may need to swap at times. Thanks for setting this up!
  11. Hi, I have a new espresso machine on the way that unfortunately doesn't include any accessories. I am looking for all of the essentials (milk jug, tamping mat, etc). It is a sage machine so I am also looking for a 53mm tamper and dosing funnel. Thanks, Toby
  12. What sort of grind size are you using (compared to v60 etc). I have a clever on the way and am looking forward to playing around with it.
  13. I don't want to cut the queue but if @hge decides against it then I would be interested in buying the machine. Thanks
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