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  1. @skylark not going to be much help here I'm a newb, prioritised getting the Zero for general use then looking to invest in machine. For now it's straight forward with moka pot! My assumption is if the water is purified and cleaned then it would be ok to leave in coffee machine for another day? But I imagine I would discard if left for longer period. I haven't got that far in my research tbf so will be good to hear how others have been using it in their set ups. Hope your zero arrives soon too! 😊
  2. Received and doing the initial. Can't wait to put to use! Thanks everyone! 🙌
  3. Hmm bit annoying, made sure I stayed home today because DPD emailed yesterday saying to expect it, not heard a peep. Hopefully there's no issues with the order and it arrives in the morning [emoji18] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  4. @ArkellvsPressdram Happy to hear you got yours and that you're making full use of it already! I'm still waiting for DPD to tell me when/if they are even delivering today [emoji849] Even downloaded their app just to make sure I get their notifications [emoji1787] [emoji1696] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  5. Yes me too, tommorow's the big day!! Thanks all, props to @caipiao for organising.
  6. Just to let the group know I've received my email from Osmio and replied back with my details. Going for black and doing the extended warranty. Excited!!!! 😄
  7. @skylark haha was being lazy, thanks for the info!
  8. Wooo thanks for organising @caipiao 😊
  9. I would be curious to know cost for the extension too.. 2 more to go 😊🤞
  10. Hahaha I wish! Yes just the shower head is coming on Monday. It's like a little treat before the zero 😂
  11. I see, mines is just an over tub shower and needed a new shower head anyway. Liked the look of the osmio too. It's coming on Monday, quite excited to give it a go.
  12. Ah @DavecUK I went with the showerhead but I have a feeling you're going to give a good reason for the inline adaptor? ..... 🙈 let me know, maybe it's not too late to switch it lol.
  13. Ah was really hoping someone would give the low-down, alas, no one seems to have fallen for it like me haha - I've taken the plunge and just ordered it. Will maybe do a review if its of any interest to others. 🙃
  14. Hi, Also adding my name to the list! Thanks! 1. caipiao 2. Kannan 3. Slammy 4. 5. 6. Please do not add your name to the list unless you are able to pay as soon as you receive the invoice, as it could hold up getting the Osmio being sent to the other buyers.
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