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  1. Not sure if we talked about this topic before but how you guys are storing your flour? Between wholemeal, plain, spelt & french flours ... plus starting to buy bigger bags we found ourselves infested with some sort of wheat weevils (micro ones) all over our cellar. Ending cleaning all the food bags from there, throwing most of those but we can still find those parasites wondering around .... so pissed off big time over the weekend but also wondering what are the next steps? In the meantime, the flour is sitting in the freezer
  2. That badly cut silicone gasket is actually doing a pretty decent job for my standard, running a 6sec pre-infusion then 15sec at 9bar to drop back after to 5bar. the pump is also nicely quiet !
  3. my quick / cheat sourdough recipe 425gr french baguette white flour 150gr sourdough starter 245gr water 1tsp dry yeast 1tbsp olive oil 1tsp salt mixing water and yeast, adding starter + flour ->autolyse ~30min & adding oil and salt finally Fold then proofing in oven @50C [1hr] shaping then proofing again in banneton (same oven @50C) [45min] preheated oven @240C, baking with ~100gr of boiling water on bottom tray for steam [25min]
  4. thanks Dave, insightful my trimmed down silicone gasket has been doing the job very well since mod'ing it (see thread above) ....
  5. yep no worries, not negotiating on the back
  6. interested, will drop a PM thanks!
  7. Ok so got that 8mm Cafelat red in silicone, a simple swap didn't change much @RobW but the Rocket is defo an 8mm give or take and then decided to give a bit of a shave to the silicone gasket ... arguably did overshoot slightly (pic should read 6.96) O_o but a 7.5mm gasket should do perfectly the job 73mm x 57mm x 7.5mm doesn't seem t exist that said ... gonna try the shaved cafelat tmrw morning but guessing it's going to be more messy than anything else. Will let you know
  8. hehe ... he ... h ... no thanks :-P
  9. yes Hasi would tend to agree on that. Updated from a Giotto that wasn't straight to start with but wasn't that far off either. Indeed as time goes by the gasket will evolve and it's gonna drive the position of the handle. Right now i have a ~45 degrees angle .... seems to me like a massive gap to fill! Might refresh that thread in a 2 years time then I haven't properly tested it yet Mikas / only two cups -> nicely quiet and paddle action fine. i am getting some fruity rwanda single estate today so should be plenty enough for some fun with it!
  10. Just unpacked my new Rocket and was left un-impressed by the fact that any portafilter handle won't sit straight in-line with the brew head. I raised the issue to the UK distributor (starts with a Bella ) and apprently it's a common feature (really?!) that has been raised to Rocket but so far the answer has been "it's a saturated brew group so it's normal" (wtf!) Meanwhile all the press pictures let you believe that it does sit straight .... not good for my OCD. Anybody body having similar issues? Not sure what can be the solution, guess over time it will change slightly?
  11. Hi Andy, sounds good to me, i need to dig out the paperworks and bits (might have extra hoses for you etc.). I'll drop you a PM so we can carry on thanks Y
  12. Hi all, I have had my trusty rocket giotto since 2012, taken great care of it with Volvic water from the beginning (and regular descaling) to then a plumbed in set-up (Britta filter). Back then it was one of the nicest HX machine with a smooth rotary pump. Recently changed the E61 rubber seal, all in perfect working order All the gears, including extra naked portafilter and couple baskets however I am missing the original box (I have the papers though) https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/blog/2016/10/24/rocket-espresso-evoluzione/ Pick-up in Tooting, London only [sOLD] Happy to shoot more pics if needs be! Thanks! Yves
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