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  1. ideally that grinder would prefer a warm home and some coffee to grind over Christmas/winter .... rather than sitting in my cold and dark shed
  2. Selling my trusty Mazzer Mini - Rocket Ed. (shiny chrome all around), upgraded with Super Jolly burs (the OG burs included obv.) & short hopper. Gave a good clean to all parts (Grindz etc.), working like a treat but noticed that the outer case of the power cable was slightly cut (see pic) - i can tape it Weekend use mostly .... till lockdown / work from home this year About 8700 grinds on the counter EU plug Looking for £325 ONO Pickup only, Tooting - South London Thanks for looking!
  3. That thread is 8 years old but good to track of my coffee journey (yes getting old too...). After upgrading the Rocket to an R Nine One it was now time for the ginder! Long awaited Mahlkonig E65S GbW arrived today .... first impression was the look my wife gave me that's thing is BIG compared to a Mazzer Mini (clue in the name ...) and gonna have to adapt from a sturdy basic grinder to a more high tech one with loads options and setting .... tad scary but first coffees were good w/ lovely crema
  4. Actually just heard from Coffee Omega, not the first to ask ... they reached out to Mahlkonig
  5. My morning loaves.... started delivering one to friends during lockdown - they seem happy so far ☺️ stopped counting the folds during 4h but 75/25 strong white & spelt + rye levain 1h autolyse and personally I prefer my crumb like that ... less risky for my jam!!!
  6. that last picture is a killer! Do you add the seeds in the banneton or just before loading in the oven?
  7. Afternoon, anybody received E65 or E80 grinders recently? they are mentioning a rubber seal / ring between the grinder and hopper but couldn't find it .... the hopper fits OK (tiny gap?) and all seems working fine so unsure Cheers
  8. I got a pre order with Coffee Omega .... since April ... latest news from them / further delays to be expected (late Sept/early October?), apparently Mahlkonig isn't giving them more details re-deliveries but surely CoVid related That said Mahlkonig are doing way too much PR on social media while ppl have been waiting 4+ months ....
  9. thanks @Cooffe.... just wish i could also do a proper rosetta 😅
  10. Actually this is going back to the retailer ... no longer up for sale sorry! Thanks
  11. Looking like £5 for Royal Mail small parcel 1st class
  12. Depends where you live I guess drop me an PM thanks!
  13. EVO version, brand new, black colour (Penguin). Ordered the wrong colour (Penguins are black obviously...) and returning goods to Germany would be too expensive! £40, pickup from Tooting, London. Shipping doable but fees not included there. thanks! Specifications: Matches the 14cm saucer and fits the original range 145mm saucer Outside diameter: 96mm Base diameter: 48mm Height: 57mm
  14. Not sure if we talked about this topic before but how you guys are storing your flour? Between wholemeal, plain, spelt & french flours ... plus starting to buy bigger bags we found ourselves infested with some sort of wheat weevils (micro ones) all over our cellar. Ending cleaning all the food bags from there, throwing most of those but we can still find those parasites wondering around .... so pissed off big time over the weekend but also wondering what are the next steps? In the meantime, the flour is sitting in the freezer
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