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  1. Okay thank you very much for your advice!
  2. Hi, I did have a little play around with the temperature, increased it from 93 to 95 (because I thought higher temp would mean a slower flow, but no?) but it went super bitter and scrapped that idea. Would you recommended trying lower than 93 degrees then? I have made a few with a a larger ratio e.g. 60-70g and I must admit it did improve the taste but thought a bit to be classed as espresso. I didn't notice much grit in the cup, but would need to check next time to confirm. If you say the sage the grinder isn't too good for espresso, do you mean it can't grind fine enough? W
  3. Thank you, I found that post on the sage forum post very helpful! I changed the burr setting down from 6 to 4. I did try 5 as well but feel it didn't make enough a difference. On the 4 setting I managed to get an extraction time of 25secs which I'm much happier with but shot now tasting more bitter. I used a dose of 20g and got roughly 45g yield. Beans are from Allpress Espresso, Brazil Porto do Ceu (don't think they sell it anymore, so can't find much info on it) - roasted on the 22/06. Also, if anyone has experience with the Sage Smart Grinder, what grind setting do you usually go
  4. Hi, yes spent quite a while trying to inform myself! I'm using the single walled basket designed for a double shot, I believe is 58mm. Doesn't matter what we do, I cannot increase the extraction to more than 15s
  5. Hi, Recently bought the sage dual boiler with the grinder and haven't yet had any luck making a decent double espresso. We using a dose of 18-20g (not sure if that correct) but getting a shot that literally double the weight it should be i.e flowing through way to fast. I've put the grind down right down to the finest setting but it hasn't changed anything. I was wondering if anyone had any tips. Many thanks!
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