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  1. This is a small outfit specialising in high caffeine coffee, which may or may not be your thing. 10% off 1st order, 15% off second order. I’ve recently bought an Aeropress off them for the best price I could find in the UK, and their service was excellent.
  2. I’m quite pleased with the Hario Air kettle. https://www.hario.co.uk/products/v60-drip-kettle-air
  3. Aha - that explains it. That would be better.
  4. I had two aluminium shower screen holders show significant corrosion in the 12 years I’d had my Gaggia before I decided that I had ingested enough aluminium oxide.... Stainless is a darn sight easier to keep scale free, but I have noticed no other discernible differences in use. YMMV.
  5. Excellent work. I have an aging Gaggia Expression but to which the Rancilio wand swapped over much more easily, without need for modification. I wish I had done it years ago, along with the stainless shower plate holder.
  6. Sure enough, my Aergrind arrived this morning. I’m glad I didn’t throw all my toys out of the pram... Fantastic build quality. I can’t wait to start using it.
  7. Just got a text apologising for a dispatch error and it’s on it’s way special delivery. Can’t argue with that!
  8. Thank you! That makes me feel a little better. I ordered my Aeropress dice from Australia on the same day and they arrived today!
  9. Chance would be a fine thing. In stock and paid for 26/6/20, 5 days to delivery quoted on website. 13/7, no Aergrind, no reply to enquires. I don’t know whether to just go straight to PayPal dispute for a refund. The grinder - if I would ever get it- will have to be pretty damn good to get over the bad taste in my mouth.
  10. Only supermarket /big brand makes for espresso and my work brew, so far....
  11. Hi! I have found myself as a lurker on these pages so many times seeking information, I thought I had better join! Nothing too exotic from me, though ... just an aging Gaggia Expression and Krups grinder, a Moka pot, various French Press, a Neopolitan cuccemella flip-pot, a Kalita wave and just last week an Aeropress... oh, and a SwissGold for my work mug every single weekday morning for the last twenty years. The Kalita is also a 2020 acquisition and so after years of only associating coffee with espresso and full bodied brews, I am finally exploring what it actually tastes like! I still enjoy rocket fuel, though. I usually end up choosing Ethiopian coffee if it’s a choice. We are lucky to have the excellent Small Batch coffee roasters nearby. Chris P.S. I ordered an Aergrind a couple of weeks ago and I am now wondering whether it is ever going to turn up.
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