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  1. I assumed 36ml is the same as 36g of coffee however I will try more of a focus on temperature.
  2. Thanks. I’m now using Horsham workhorse blend beans. Using 18g coffee to get 36ml in about 30sec. I left the grinder set up unchanged following experiments with cheap Tesco beans. Had been using 15g, but the new beans produced 18g on same timer setting and seemed to tamp down to suitable depth in Gaggia basket. Haven’t been that careful with temperature control as assumed in the grand scheme of things as a newcomer it wasn’t that critical in comparison to grinder setting etc. Wondering if this is just a different tasting bean, will keep trying. Actually the best shots so far have come from the free ground coffee supplied by Gaggia!
  3. As a NEWBIE with a new Gaggia Classic I got a cheap bag beans and using this I think. got my Specialita set correctly and produced a few nice shots. Just moved on to a different bean and with same settings the first shot was sour. Looking for advice on what causes sour coffee to know what to change.
  4. Just re-read the Gaggia description of the 2019 Classic and it states that the pressurised basket is 14g and the non pressurised is 17g. Don’t know if this is different from earlier models Also am I correct in thinking that the pressure in the 2019 models cannot be adjusted down from the factory setting, which is higher than desirable. Tomorrow will experiment with 17g and the 5p test. This is either going to be a slow learning process or I need to chuck away quite a few shots as otherwise I will be in a permanent caffeine high. I haven’t even started to play with the grinder, still in the ground coffee provided by Gaggia.
  5. Too early to say, I’m still trying to work out how to use it! Just bought some cheap beans to play with.
  6. Lots of great advice thanks and explains why trying to get 17g in the supplied Gaggia double basket left the grind hanging on the shower head aftetvthe shot. Also noticed coffee almoast stops coming after about 15seconds Any advice on what basket to get that would work with 17 or 18g? Also what is the 5p test? First attempt with my free Gaggia ground coffee however produced a much better expresso than my original De’Longhi and supermarket ground coffee so I must be making progress. Next task is to get my Specialita working
  7. As a Newbie I am struggling to know where to start with a new Gaggia Classic and new Specialita grinder, there seem to be so many variables! The grinder adjustment is marked with numbers but does the dial rotate more than once? If so the suggested scale isn’t much help. Does the motor need to be running while adjusting the grind and can I damage it by going too fine? Does aiming for 18g of coffee in the filter with 36g of expresso in 30 seconds sound like a good starting point? no idea how long a grind that would take! So any advice would be appreciated
  8. I finally got my new Gaggia Classic. Still waiting for grinder so decided to try with supermarket ground coffee and the pressurised basket. 1st problem was I couldn’t get the filter head to fit. I think this was because I had too much coffee in the basket, assumed it should be full. How much space should there be at the top of the basket?
  9. I am a newbie just starting the transition from supermarket ground to purchase of roasted beans. Will get them mail order and to save postage costs wondering how long an unopened packet of beans will last. I reckon I would use about 250g a week (2 double expresso per day) Advice appreciated, am wondering if I can order every couple of months.
  10. I have made a similar decision and ordered a Specialitas. However just realised that a hand grinder will probably cost me another £150 so in total no saving on the cost of the NZ. Too late now but at least I don’t have to wait 3 months
  11. Yes good point, probably got too many metals to drink. So it’s back to bottled water or simply give up and de-scale at regular intervals
  12. Thanks. Wondering about using tap water (very hard) and diluting with deionised water collected from a de-humidifier.
  13. Very useful, but is there any bottled water that is available in a UK supermarket that is not too soft to cause corrosion and not too hard to generate a scaling problem? I get the impression that there isn’t
  14. Thanks, useful information and nudging me towards a Mignon, although these are now out of stock so will have to wait a while.
  15. Thanks, sensible advice I think that is the direction I will take
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