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  1. I have been to CPH for my birthday last couple of years. Coffee Collective, as many have said is brilliant. Would also recommend Kafferiet, Prolog, Cub and Nomad and the Bean. The bakery chain Lagkagehuset (Ole and Steen in the UK) also do very reliable coffee if a little less specialist. As with most Scandinavian cities, coffee is generally a good standard across most Cafés and bars.
  2. Hi guys Great idea When I click the link on the original post it just opens Google Maps but no coffee map. Is there a new link or am I going wrong somewhere?
  3. I was at a similar stage, achieving great extraction and flavour with medium/dark roasts but no success with lighter ones or single origins. I'm not sure if it's just a fluke but I'm currently on a bag of Ethiopia Biloya from Craft House Coffee and for the first time can taste strong fruit flavours, a really clear taste of grapes as the roaster suggested. I've found I'm grinding much finer than with darker roasts. Looking forward to the next roast from CHC.
  4. I'm off to the Peak District soon for a walking and mtb holiday. Would love to finish off an active day with a decent flat white. Any tips for the area? I'm going to be staying near Kinder Scout but will be exploring area such as Bakewell. Willing to plan a day out around a nice coffee shop too.
  5. jen1979


    I am planning a holiday for next year and thinking about Banff and Rockies area. Anyone any experience of the Coffee scene in Canada? Will it appease a coffee snob?! I usually holiday in Scandinavia where I can go into pretty much any café and guarantee a well made coffee.
  6. I am a fan of HCR beans, they are my local roaster and taste great whenever I have them in their coffee shop. When I grind them at home (Sage grinder) all of the HCR beans require a much coarser grind than the many other roasters' beans. I have tried their Workhorse, Nova and a couple of single origins. All extract well after some tweaking but at a setting of somewhere between 16-18. This is in contrast to pretty much every other type of bean I use which sit generally between 9-12. Anyone else had this experience? Is it just a different roast method?
  7. Hi Any recommendations for decent coffee shop in Rye/Battle /Camber Sands area?
  8. That makes sense MWJB, thanks. Just out of curiosity then, what sort of size double shot are most guys on here pulling? Or in commercial?
  9. I submitted the previous post twice and cannot for the life of me see how to delete. So editing instead.
  10. I am now consistently producing great shots so trying not to overthink ratios etc..... but in the back of my mind I am also a little confused. So generally I am using 18grams in for a double which then yields 2 shots, each at 36ml. So therefore is this a 1:4 ratio as the simple maths suggests? The reason I am unsure is that the amount of espresso I produce (2x36g) tastes great and seems visually about the right amount (it looks about the same as a double shot I see in a decent coffee shop. Yet I'm under the impression most common is 1:2. In my recipe at 18grams in, it feels like 36ml would be a tiny double espresso and if I were to pull a single at 9gram in, 18 out is crazy small.
  11. Hi As my skills start to refine a little I find myself thinking about distribution tools. Currently I just grind and give a few taps. What do people think about the disc type distribution tools compared to the metal pronged stirrer thingies I have read of people using? Don't want to be one of those hobbyists that has all the gear, no idea!!
  12. I had planned on attending the Brighton festival so had ignored all the run up early bird codes etc for London. My other half has kindly decided to buy tickets for an England warm up at Twickenham on the day of Brighton so I now want to go to London. Have never done any of the coffee festivals and am keen to see what it's all about. Unfortunately, this late in the day, tickets are now £25 (I can only make the industry show on Friday, just wondering if any kind soul on here has a promo code to reduce this somewhat? TIA Jen
  13. Hi I have a DTP and am due up for a filter change and clean. Has anyone tried a cheaper version of the supplied Sage cleaning tablets? Also anyone found anywhere else to buy filters (mine takes the Claro ones).
  14. Yes a small Dorset set up from what I can gather
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