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  1. Wow thats great, thanks for the link. iv been following mostly all the steps without realising it, however iv not drained the s.boiler yet. Also dave mentions not to descale if you are using good water so thats brill one less thing to worry about.
  2. Iv had the elizibeth for getting on for a year, i live in a soft water area do i need to worry about descaling i haven't had any problems, and haven't got a clue where to start if the answer is yes.
  3. Thanks for your imput Rob1, hopefully i can help explain myself more clearly as you arent seeing my point here,, The original question raises concerns about non organic coffee kick started by an email from bb, mine specifically advertises a blend called milk buster which is organic and made up of beans 70% of which are found in Brazil. I realise your article studied Ethiopian coffee beans, however i was merely making the point that regardless of the region the coffee beans are from, pesticides enter the beans systemically from applications applied to the leaves or watered into the soil. I was questioning the term "Spiking" as it very much seemed to me that the chemicals were applied to the finished product in which case they would be evaporated off during roasting no question. In terms of whether the amount of pesticide remaining in the finished product is its harmful or a safe dose, the question is has any proper research actually been done to find out how much pesticide residue once consumed is safe? It made me question whether it would be worth a potential risk consuming a non organic coffee. The same debate is currently underway with grain products sprayed with glyphosate, what are safe levels that can be consumed? The government has issued what is deemed to be a safe dose, but it has been questioned by medical experts that there has been no substantial research to back up these claims, and that there are health risks linked to a number of health problems. Thanks for the list of foods containing natural occurring chemicals but to be clear we are talking about man made pesticides. I have been drinking non organic coffee and the email simply made me challenge whether this was the best option for me.
  4. Having travelled in south america specifically Brazil (where my favourite coffees are grown)stayed with local people over different areas of the country and seen and heard from locals the levels of corruption, i would be sceptical of the report. firstly the term "spiked" isnt clear enough and could mean they havnt applied pesticides in the same way as when coffee is grown. Also given that coffee is a multi million pound enterprise any bad press would be squashed quickly as there economy depends upon the sales. The question here is are you prepared to potentially risk your health on the findings of a low budget report/ experiment? Only 60 years ago our government were telling us smoking was good for us.
  5. Recieved an email from bb advertising the fact that they are 100% organic now with their beans and roasting process. It also said that coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed products behind tobacco and cotton. Do you think we should be considering a switch to organic only, or is it just marketing? Must admit it freaked me out abit the thought of pesticides in my morning espresso.
  6. Thanks dave, sometimes when someone gives you information like this quote "its nice coffee at a good price" it makes you question yourself, i think like you say i will just stick to what im happy with, there is no point compromising quality for the sake of a few quid. Feel reassured
  7. They are advertising it as the blend that won the award, also specifically stating that it is convection roasted. No i would be using on btc its on a lelit elizibeth/niche combo. I am more than happy with the supplier i normally use but the price is significantly cheaper when factoring in postage. I normally drink dark roasts so was wondering if i would notice the quality difference. Iv only ever really purchased speciality grade before. However with my consumption it would take me 3 months to get through 6kg. Its a risk for me i think, i was also concerned about quality.
  8. Hi guys a mate of mine with a bean to cup machine has recommended that i try pure gusto signature blend whole beans(which is a great taste award winner 2017) it comes in at £57 for 6kg which is £25 cheaper than i normally pay from my usual supplier for the equivalent amount. The minimum order is 6kg so in slightly worried about the coffee going stale or that i will commit to this much and not like it. Any one tried it before, and should i be worried about it going stale in packet? Any comments would be welcome
  9. So you just swill it out? is there any specific cleaning utensil you use that can fit inside to wipe it out abit more thoroughly.
  10. What can you recommend for cleaning the water tank? The hole at the top is so small i cant even get a flask brush in there, admittedly i keep up with cleaning the group, filter& basket and back flushing every week, but do not regularly clean the water tank, i think its due i can see a couple of black dots in there and i know its not direct from my water supply. Iv been nervous of using chemicals incase they taint the tank and affect taste. Any recommendations.
  11. Firstly thank you everyone for your advise especially regarding checking for water, it didnt even occur to me. I didnt think anything of it at the time but I remembered i filled the water tank up a little full, i think some water found its way down to the bottom of the tank compartment through the casing to where the mains adaptor goes into the machine. Its actually surprised me that the water tank compartment isnt sealed to prevent this as it seems likley that at some point this will happen, and also given that its directly above the electric feed. They obviously presume that idiots won't be using it ha ha (hand up on that one)i have dried it out with a hair dryer and things are back on- thank God for that as a lock down with out coffee would have been more than i could handle.
  12. After months of use of nornal use my lelit elizibeth is tripping my electric when i turn it on. Iv tried various different sockets and changed the 13 amp fuse to no avail.
  13. Iv got the bodum scales, iv been pleased with them there is a slight lag but its not to bad everything considered, i bought them as iv had bodum tea pots etc and been pleased with the quality, however they have died after just 4 months! just sent off to coffeebox for an exchange. I realised that the battery compartment is on the back so if you have boiling water in the drip tray ofcespresso machine when scale rests on the wire rack to weigh espresso into cup steam can get into the battery compartment. Not ideal
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