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  1. Firstly thank you everyone for your advise especially regarding checking for water, it didnt even occur to me. I didnt think anything of it at the time but I remembered i filled the water tank up a little full, i think some water found its way down to the bottom of the tank compartment through the casing to where the mains adaptor goes into the machine. Its actually surprised me that the water tank compartment isnt sealed to prevent this as it seems likley that at some point this will happen, and also given that its directly above the electric feed. They obviously presume that idiots won't be
  2. After months of use of nornal use my lelit elizibeth is tripping my electric when i turn it on. Iv tried various different sockets and changed the 13 amp fuse to no avail.
  3. Iv got the bodum scales, iv been pleased with them there is a slight lag but its not to bad everything considered, i bought them as iv had bodum tea pots etc and been pleased with the quality, however they have died after just 4 months! just sent off to coffeebox for an exchange. I realised that the battery compartment is on the back so if you have boiling water in the drip tray ofcespresso machine when scale rests on the wire rack to weigh espresso into cup steam can get into the battery compartment. Not ideal
  4. Iv got a soft spot for the la spaz stuff its bullet proof kit. Used to pour 500+ coffees a day on a S5
  5. Davec's video of £13 coffe grooming tool/distributor came up on my news feed and so i watched it and it made me think, is it still used and appreciated 1 year on or is it collecting dust on a shelf or in a draw? Interested to know what accessories people have bought only to be disappointed and disgard after little use
  6. You could always just offer a cold beer 😁
  7. Iv tried the whole ill just nip in the kitchen an make 7 espresso based drinks to suit guests but it becomes a nightmare with a SD grinder like niche, so like others have said its just a case of pulling out the french press, its also nice to be able to actually sit with them and enjoy their company and serve the drinks all at the same time, rather than one or two drinks being brought out at any one time. The other thing to remember is people dont understand that milk based espresso drinks are served at a lower temp to avoid the milk splitting and some people who drink instant coffee are used t
  8. Iv never seen it before this glossy finish on the beans its only on very dark roast from my supplier just wondered if any one knew what it is or how they make the beans have this finish on them.
  9. I think it is too much and clinical. . . but its become habbit done on auto pilot at some early hour of the morning with half an eye open. I wish some one like niche would make a quality version of the baratza 270 sometimes single dosing feels an effort especially when pulling a few shots
  10. I also own an elizibeth you wont regret getting one they make fantastic coffee and the steam power is great.
  11. Reading this inspired me to dig out the aeropress and have a week off the espresso machine, so set the niche to the most course grind (50) and used my favourite dark roast the flavour was amazing i forgot how good they were! 18g in 40 second brew time in 80 deg water stirring for the first 20 secs filled up between numbers 2 and 3 on the aeropress (didnt measure the water)then press it straight through the paper filter. If i go fine i use the prisimo attachment with the built in metal filter, but you have to be pressing the plunger down till you break a sweat lol so if at work or guests watchi
  12. Might just play it safe and get a branded one as suggested also some people are using 18g vst baskets and rate them highly.
  13. Ha ha so my machine is a 58mm pf do i just look out for the same measurement or do i need to contact bb and ask which ones would fit?
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