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  1. The warm up time thing is why I’ve decided to go the bambino route. I thought long and hard about other machines and I’m sure they’ll produce a better shot. However the need to get my morning coffee done as fast as possible as I walk out the door was a deal breaker and I can’t be bothered with timer plugs etc.
  2. Just as I thought cheers.
  3. I currently have a DeLonghi ECP 33.21. It was a present and its been fine and I was happy with my mediocre morning coffee. But then my eye started to wander and my quest to achieve a better coffee at home, on par with what I have sampled elsewhere began, I ended up here. I will be replacing the current machine pretty soon. But in the mean time is it actually possible to make a reasonable shot with this delonghi? I’ve got an unpressurised basket, good beans and a eureka grinder.
  4. Is this the Rwand- Kinini Peaberry? if so I've just received a bag can't wait to try it out!
  5. Thanks @Northern_Monkey super easy transaction start to finish.
  6. That looks really good nice job 😀
  7. Totally get this I’ve come to the exact same conclusion. A sage never mind the bambino was never in my mind. However after a few weeks looking through this place I think it’s ideal for my current needs. Just gutted I missed the curry’s deal and being a tight Yorkshireman I’m hanging on to see if any deals pop up.
  8. I’ve been looking at the eureka Mignon range will I notice any difference getting one of the slightly more expensive models over the Manuale? Or for a complete noob will that serve me well until an inevitable upgrade later?
  9. Hi, sage seem to be selling the bambino at £329 inc delivery.
  10. Thanks for you reply. I would be open to pushing the budget for a used HX machine I suppose as i think it seems inevitable i'll end up upgrading. What sort of price do they fetch and for which models? My hand grinder is only a rhinowear I only got it to see if I could notice the difference with fresh and for camping/travel duties with my stove top. I am slightly disappointed before i decided to take a deeper look into upgrading i thought £5/600 would get something decent that ticked all the boxes and look fairly pro in the kitchen. Both the Sage and the Gaggia are awful looking things haha. Having said that i shouldn't be surprised, when i got into cycling I never dreamt that id end up with a £3k bike.
  11. If anyone has any suggestions to help me decide or alternatives that would be great as i have come to a bit of an impasse!
  12. I know saw it about 5 minutes and 5 posts too late haha!
  13. Hi all, I have decided to take the next step in my coffee journey and upgrade my equipment. I was a life long tea drinker until a few years ago when I got into road cycling. Seemingly coffee and cycling go hand in hand and now I can't really function in a morning without the stuff! I currently have a DeLonghi ECP33.21 and up until recently I've been using pre ground coffee from a variety of roasters including Mancoco in Manchester and Rins in the lakes and producing something that tastes ok, although well aware that there is massive room for improvement. I've recently added a Ranchilio steam wand to the machine as a bit of an experiment really after poking around on here and seeing Gaggias etc being modded. Surprisingly it works and my milk is now almost resembling something like I've been lusting after from all the videos I've watched. I also picked up a hand grinder and a non pressurised basket. The thinking was to see for myself if I could tell the difference between fresh and decent pre ground rather than just rely on what I had read online before jumping in with both feet. Well here i am in search of a new grinder and machine which obviously speaks volumes to the result of that expeirment. The machine is obviously inferior and I imagine not up to the task of delivering much improvement over what it does already. Mostly I drink a couple of flat whites a day and perhaps 3 or 4 on a weekend. I have had a go with the non pressurised basket with the hand ground coffee but it either pours through in seconds or chokes the machine completely which I was surprised as i didn't think the hand grinder would be able to go fine enough. Perhaps this is just another indicator that the machine is not up to it? I am now treading a seemingly well trodden path of new forumites. Ive been back and forth and the budget has inflated and shrunk a few times. However I'm leaning towards two espresso machines now. Obviously a used Gaggia classic which sounds like the first option for most with the ability to keep it going and modify as you go, this seems like a cost effective place to start. The other which i am slightly surprised at myself at is the Sage DTP. I am aware reliability seems to be an issue, but like most I'll probably have moved on before that becomes an issue. I like the fact that it seems a bit more beginner friendly straight out of the box and although Im quite happy to have a tinker I like the thought of getting on and learning how to pull a decent shot without the need to add a ton of upgrades first. I terms of grinders I imagine one of the eureka model is where i will end up although just going straight for a niche zero is seriously tempting the lead time is probably the thing thats stopped that happening already. Anyway thats where I am at, sorry for the ramble any insights or pointers greatly appreciated.
  14. Google as i decided to upgrade my delonghi
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