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  1. Now sold Thanks to all who enquired or commented How do I move to the sold section?
  2. In response to the previous posts I am happy to consider an offer when someone has seen the machine and thinks it appropriate I am very close to Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, three minutes from M58
  3. A few details in response to questions Footprint; Width 36cm Height 28cm Depth 28cm without lever handles Weight is 12kgs Routinely I use both group heads simultaneously when visitors come, it is quite a good steamer Warm up time around 30mins to get temperature stable, can leave on all day without getting too hot Hope that helps Ps comes with new spare spindles for steam and hot water valves
  4. For sale my own Ponte Vecchio Lusso twin group lever machine. The machine has been in regular use until the other day when it was displaced by a Lelit Bianca. It has pulled about five shots per day for the last six years. I put new group seals in a few months ago. It is complete with various baskets, custom tamper and user guide I am on advice selling it for spares or repair, as it has had its’ brain removed a few years ago. This is common with these machines as the brains’ only function is a low water level cut-out and they are generally very unreliable, in fact the machines had no brain
  5. Hi GingerBen Both going together and for collection only Sorry but I am unable to post items
  6. Has no real interest so I am adding my lightly used Eureka Mignon chrome grinder (also from Bella Barista) had light domestic use over about three years For quick mill description please see my first post Price £250 for both buyer to collect
  7. Sorry for confusion, doing too many things at once today. Offers around £175 buyer to collect
  8. For sale my Quickmill 820 bought from Bella Barista a couple of years ago. Only used as a second machine and for decaf coffee pods. Complete with 2 portafilters one bottomless with pod adapter Any questions please ask. Pickup only Lancashire
  9. Still Available along with an Anfim Best doser grinder
  10. Fluffiwiki, have had several enquiries, nothing from fluffywiki, please try again
  11. Quickmill Andreja Premium 2008, supplied via Bella Barrista. My own machine, light personal use (average 3 shots a day) and regularly maintained. Recent de-scale of vacuum valve, boiler de-scaled last year. We live in a moderate hard water area, all water used has been filtered. Complete with both single and double portafilters, naked portafilter, blind basket, original and extra instructions and metal tamper. The group head has been regularly cleaned but group is due for a full service. When taken out of the kitchen last week was fully working and pulling great shots. Reason for sale ne
  12. Been Espresso addict for over ten years Home roasting for the last 8 years Currently using: La Pavoni Pro (new acquisition) Just leaving a Quickmill Andreja Premium (now selling) Anfin Best grinder Hottop , Behnor and Cafe Genie roasters yes I know too many Other things you can do with steam check my website: http://www.locomobile.plus.com/ Hope you enjoy looking David
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