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  1. As someone who's very new to the forum I'm sorry to say that it doesn't quite live up to its "friendliest forum" claim from the homepage. My take on this subject is: if I don't like a topic I don't read it. And believe it or not, it's possible to have an opinion without expressing it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Tbh I wouldn't have be in a great hurry to try these beans personally but since I'm getting to do so for free I can't complain. I'm not sure exactly how much he has but I suspect it's only 100g and I'd get through most of that trying to get a drinkable shot, so I think you're right that French press is maybe the way to go.
  3. A friend of mine was given a small bag of kopi luwak beans for his anniversary and although he's not exactly a coffee connoisseur he knows that they'd be wasted in his bean-to-cup machine. So he has suggested that he bring them to my house and we share a couple of cups from my grinder and machine. Now I'm very new to this also, I've only had my Mignon Specialita and Gaggia Classic for about a month now and am still getting to grips with them and it takes me several shots with a new bean to get a good shot. So can anyone give me some idea how best to use these beans without wasting the whole bag dialing them in? I also have a French press and Moka pot if they'd be any better?
  4. Got the grinder last week and today the Gaggia arrived, so looking forward to starting down this rabbit hole. Just waiting on the tamper, scales, and milk jug arriving now.
  5. Thank you. It seems like a silly question now, but coming from an engineering background it seemed odd to me that there would be arbitrary numbers on the dial. Anyway I just bought a used Gaggia Classic on ebay so I look forward to getting to grips with it and the grinder.
  6. I'm new to the forum, and coffee in general actually, but have been a homebrewer for a while so thought I'd resurrect this old thread to see if there are any other brewers still here?
  7. Well my grinder arrived today, only 24 hours after ordering, exceptional service from Coff-hey. Apart from a bit of coffee dust it is as new, exactly as described, so I'm very pleased with it. I'll only be using it with a French press or Moka pot until I find a machine and I've no idea how to use it, but I'll do some more reading! After a quick play around with it it seems like the grind setting dial doesn't just go from 0 - 5 (ie one full turn) but in fact needs a few full turns to change from fine to coarse, is that correct?
  8. I think this is a very underrated factor when it comes to sensory experience actually. One of my fondest beer memories (I keep referring to beer, but I think there's a lot of overlap with coffee) was drinking a Westvleteren XII in a bar in Brussels. The bottle was perfectly poured into a branded glass with care by the barman, I was in the oldest pub in the city, sitting in front of an ancient stained glass window with the afternoon sun shining onto my table with a legendary beer on it. It was heavenly. I've had the same beer several times since at home and the experience is nowhere near the same. It's interesting to hear these comments though, I have several friends who think they know good coffee because they'll only drink from a particular chain, when in reality it's just snobbishness rather than based on any real knowledge of the subject.
  9. As a homebrewer (beer that is) I'm all too aware that the big macro beers such as Budweiser, Coors, Carling etc. are very much looked down on by the majority of hobby brewers (arguably with good reason) and as a noob to coffee I was curious is there a similar attitude towards the big franchise coffee places like Costa, Nero, Starbucks and the like? Or do some of them actually make some good coffee? Also what are the thoughts on service station coffee machines like Street, Frank & Honest, Tim Hortons? Genuinely interested to hear opinions from proper coffee geeks on this 😀
  10. I'm working on it, a few Gaggia Classics on ebay I'm keeping an eye on 😁
  11. Hi, I've just taken my first step into the world of espresso. After a lot of reading about grinders I just bought this second hand Mignon Specialita on Coff-hey. The description said that it had only been used for about a month and was returned due to a faulty display. They replaced the display and sold it with a 12 month warranty for £285. I have little to no experience in this sort of thing, but was this a reasonable price? https://coff-hey.com/collections/electric-grinders/products/second-hand-eureka-mignon-specialita-coffee-grinder-matt-black
  12. Three figures I can stretch to, as long as it doesn't get too close to four figures 😬
  13. Yikes. If that's true I'll also be looking for divorce lawyer recommendations.
  14. Hi from County Antrim, I've been a rather keen (read obsessed) home brewer of beer for several years and am a little frightened of getting into another potentially expensive hobby rabbit hole (although there seem to be a lot of overlaps between the two things). But after messing around with a Moka pot for a while I'm getting quite interested in stepping up to a proper espresso maker of some sort. My first step will be to upgrade my Hario Skerton grinder to something decent, perhaps the Iberital MC2, before maybe a used Gaggia Classic or a new Flair Signature (I'm not sure which direction to go yet but I'm on a fairly tight budget). No doubt I'll be after some advice from you fine people after being referred here by someone on a beer forum so thanks in advance 🙄
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