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  1. Fairly sure this one runs all year round, but it's great value nonetheless. Usually grab a kilo of the Kenya AA, but I've just finished a 6 month subscription for their monthly specials which was really fun.
  2. So, the good ones (Mexico, UCIPA, SHG Fancy Estate - if anyone's interested) were roasted on the 27th of July. I think I'll continue to drink those right now. I think I'll leave the older beans until I'm out of nice ones, they're in kitchen jars at the minute but I think I'll move onto vacuum sealing up 250g portions in the future if I buy bulk again. Cheers!
  3. So I've had a grinder (Wilfa Uniform) for a little while and I was wanting to do a quick write-up for it, as there doesn't seem to be much feedback for it on this forum (or elsewhere really). Obviously I could just write exactly how I feel about it but I wanted some advice as to what is important to other people. So what kind of things do you look to quantify in a grinder? What would be some useful things to know, that you'd only really get from experiencing it first hand? Anything else?
  4. Recently have ended up with more coffee than I can drink, I'm the only one in house who drinks it and no guests at the minute 🙄. So at the moment, I've got left a recently opened and very fresh bag of speciality coffee but also the leftovers of a kilo of not-quite-so-special but still tasty stuff which is now maybe 2-3 months since it's roasting date. Is it better to drink and enjoy the fresher stuff while the older stuff gets worse or should I try and get through the older stuff first- i.e. will the fresh stuff stay good for a good couple of weeks while I drink that? Ch
  5. If you're a bit apprehensious about spending a not-insignificant amount of money on a coffee grinder, I'd recommend getting one of the super cheap hand (~£10) grinders from Amazon and having a good play around with it. You'll hate it after the novelty wears off as they take easily 5x as long to grind beans as a proper premium grade grinder and won't grind anywhere near as nice or consistently but it'll open your eyes as to why you need a good one and give you an idea of what coffee you can make. James Hoffman had a pretty good video reviewing most of the really good hand grinders on YouT
  6. Ah that'll make a bit of a difference then. Thanks for explaining that for me; tad annoyed that Info doesn't seem to be widely available on their selling points.
  7. I fail to see how the pourover are the clever dripper are not identical, save for a lid and the method of letting the coffee drawdown (twist Vs push release). How are they different?
  8. Ah balls. I thought you were on about the wilfa version of the mocca master brewer. That looks interesting, similar to the clever dripper
  9. Yeah, this has confused me a little. Something about burning the beans being nonsense if they get roasted at way higher temps? Could you elaborate on this for me please?
  10. It might be but I'm happy to give it a good try. The JH vid seems to make it look fairly easy, my kettle certainly has a better spout than his normal type. Orders can always be cancelled (god bless long distance selling regs), but honestly I'm fine with this for now. If we really don't get along I have friends and family I could gift it too. I had looked at the wilfa pourover actually, I think the only issue is I don't really have much understanding in what type of coffee I'd get out of it and I'd rather go cheaper (make sure it's something I really want) before spending another 100
  11. No, I haven't. Not something I can swing with the OH in our small kitchen.
  12. Fiver? Obviously I didn't check Amazon first, woops. Ordered ta.
  13. I think up until maybe a couple of weeks ago, my Coffee routine was a very basic Aeropress; even blooming is relatively new for me. I think it was watching a couple of videos and minor shock, it does seem to be fairly simple.
  14. Does look quite good, are all the pour over techniques as intense as that? I'm just sat watching James Hoffman videos now.
  15. Getting the wilfa svart grinder and have realised I've never explored any brewed coffee outside of my trusty Aeropress. I think nearly all the over brewing methods are basically variations of a pour over? Can you guys reccomend a type to try out ? Cheers!
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