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  1. Sounds like the temp is too high. The Pid might be under reporting, so try pushing it down a few degrees to rule this out. I'm working my way through some Heart and Graft at the moment (also local) , their 60/40 blend, and finding it quite forgiving. I'm brewing at 91.5 as it's a reasonably dark roast, 60% Brazilian I believe.
  2. Hi Dave. Yes, it's gone in afraid. Couldn't figure out how to move the post onto the 'sold' subforum.
  3. Are you sure that it's been zeroed properly after cleaning? Sounds like the burrs are too far apart at the finest setting. This is a useful video for servicing the MDF. I don't have this grinder any more but used to have it set to either 3 or 4 for espresso.
  4. Don't think there's a pod basket there. Mine is the same size as the single but with fewer holes on the bottom. I'm guessing it's the original 7g and 14g and then someone's added a bigger double, maybe 18g.
  5. Looks like something I had on a Krups machine years ago. It went over the end of the steam wand to draw air in. Think it's called a paranello.
  6. Hello Peeps Following an upgrade, I'm selling my Gaggia MDF grinder. This was bought new in 2016 and has seen daily use (paired with a Gaggia Classic) but is is full working order and generally good condition as the photos hopefully show. I've given it a service to make sure the burrs, hopper and dosing chamber are nice and clean and its been calibrated on reassembly. Couple of marks where the black paint has been chipped shown below, one just above the dosing arm, and another on the underside above the portafilter (which you don't see under normal use). Paid £160 for this new
  7. I will certainly check this out, living in Sale myself! Had wrongfully assumed it was another of those generic suburban coffee shops that we seem to have a few of down here.
  8. My go-to near the office is Fig & Sparrow (Oldham St) - think they use locally roasted Grindsmith beans. Also a +1 for Foundation (Lever St), Ancoats Coffee Co (Redhill St) and Atkinsons (Mackie Mayors). Spoilt for choice in the NQ.
  9. Had exactly this problem myself after a recent clean. Couldn't detect any short circuit with a multimeter but it kept tripping the RCD. Drying the boiler out for an hour in a 100C oven cured the problem which I suspect was water trapped somewhere in the heating element. Don't forget to remove the group head and thermostats before baking.
  10. DLM. Having damaged the thermostat and fuse with my previous misadventures, I decided to completely strip the machine down for a full service, boiler and all. On reassembly , everything was functioning as normal and I suspect that a thorough clean of the boiler and OPV may have removed any particles that were causing a loss of pressure. I've learnt tonnes about the machine's workings by doing this which has given me the confidence to undertake just about any future repairs. Would recommend.
  11. Well that didn't go well! Took the OPV out and soaked in in citric - didn't look to crusty. Put the OPV back in and electrocute myself on the steam thermostat (I know!). Anyway, machine powers on, water pumps through the group head. Flick the steam switch and wait. Boiler heating up but no steam light and now a slight burning smell. Turn everything off and let it cool down. Turn it back on, no power to pump or boiler. I'm guessing I blew the steam thermostat when it gave me the shock. The thermal fuse then blew because the boiler overheated as I waited for the steam.
  12. Could be - its not been serviced since I bought the machine. With the new steam valve I guess the OPV is working harder as pressure is not being lost through the dripping wand. May have caused it to jam. I'll have it out tonight and report back Thanks
  13. Morning Folks, Have recently given my ten year old Gaggia Classic a bit of a refurb. Replaced the stock steam wand with a Rancillio and also swapped out the steam valve for a new one as it was constantly leaking. Everything works fine during the brew but there is now an issue with the steam. Just before the steam light comes on, there is a loud rattle from inside the machine which dies away just as the boiler gets to temperature and the light comes on. Ok, so I ignore this and steam the milk, but there is not the pressure and volume of steam that I used to get, making the foaming
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