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  1. Didnt expect such a illustrative answer!! It appears that I am back to front!!
  2. Im wondering what proportion of people on this forum are espresso drinkers as oppose to the brew? I love espressos, but find that most of the time I am using a V60, or aeropress.... I would say im a 25% espresso & 75% brewer kinda guy!! 1:3 Whats your ratio?!
  3. Hi Mark, Of course, we like to show off our place, so the invitation is still there!! With you being so close, it would be ideal. Just contact me on [email protected] and we can arrange a time for you to pop over. Cheers
  4. Hi All, Milanski has asked me to post a little about the coffee that you have been sharing notes on, so I hope to be able to answer some of the questions that you may have. First of all, a big thanks to those that posted comments on the thread, it is very interesting to read and see how people take to the coffees that we have roasted, so thanks for taking the time out to contribute. We were invited to partake in the DSOL by Ron and Milanski and we were very pleased to be able to contribute, so armed with a little understanding of what the DSOL was about, we set about looking
  5. Beatski

    UK Based Roasters

    Ancoats Coffee are in Manchester, not tried their coffee yet, but Jamie is sending me some next week so will be able to feed back afterwards... http://www.ancoats-coffee.co.uk/ and http://www.rountoncoffee.co.uk/ in North Yorkshire Beatski
  6. thanks, she has been in touch with a few different places and has looked at the leasing of machines. Ill explore that a bit more with her as they are all good points. Im from Middlesbrough, any suppliers local that anybody can recommend?
  7. ive tried already to convince, but its more about convenience only, and that is the difficulty that i come up against quite a lot!! thanks anyhow!
  8. Thanks Rising Power, ill put it to get about the set up when i see her next on Saturday, but i know she will insist on a one touch button coffee machine.. ive just looked at http://www.caffesociety.co.uk/cs3600f-fresh.html#video which is similar to what i was thinking but i know that this would far exceed her budget. any other suggestions welcome...
  9. Rising Power, thanks, perhaps im thinking of something else, those commercial machines that have the option for different drinks, lattes, cappuccino's etc... ive got a picture in my minds... Like I said, its more of a cafe, and the word Deli brings up images that this in fact is certainly not. A machine plus grinder in this case is definitely not an option unfortunately.
  10. All, I have been asked to help my friend who owns a small Deli (more like a posh egg n chips place than Deli btw) to help her source a Bean to Cup machine. My qualifications include but not limited to, enjoying coffee, and having in my possesion a Gaggia Classic and a Mazzer Supper Jolly, aeropress etc... Anyhow, around these parts that is like having a degree in Nuclear Fusion!! So im looking to help her out. The criteria is that: For commercial use, but not a lot of traffic through her place, (50 per day est) Good warranty Serviceable and easily sourced parts N
  11. I have recently bought a Gene Cafe from Bella barista and have spent the last couple of weekends roasting the 1kg bag of Nicaragua Nargogype beans that came with the Gene. I havent managed to produce anything worthwhile of a decent espresso and found that the result was a very bitter coffee. The procedure i used was one that Mike Hag recommended as per... 1) Preheat the Gene Cafe and let it do it's cool down. 2) Load ~230 grams of coffee 3) Set the Gene Cafe for 30 minutes 4) Set the Gene Cafe for 300 F, hit start and let it run at this temperature for 5 minutes. 5) At 5 mi
  12. All done.... Easy peeeesy!! And a worthwhile mod I think... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. Which wand did you purchase? I'm tempted to buy the steam tube to beef up my milk frothing capabilities... Anybody bought this and do they recommend it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  14. Thanks folks, ill carry on experimenting, great link Earlpap
  15. The coffee was roasted by Mr Hasbean on 29th August, i grind manually before i brew..... thought it may have been done with the grind....
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