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  1. i believe the VIP line bottomless is PLA580V and the wooden one is PLA580W. https://www.lamacchinadelcaffe.com/en/portafiltri-beccucci-lelit.html
  2. I have the wooden portafilter PLA582W, would be nice to have a matching steam knob
  3. 1) puck sticking seems to depend on the basket size and volume of coffee. for me with the double basket, 16g would stick frequently, 18g very rarely. 2) for me the rattling stoped when i started using the filter they provide (PLA930S I think), the extra weight probably stops the hose moving Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I think 31cm is the width. website gives 27cm as the depth (I think it's a little less), but this is excluding the portafilter handle. I changed my power lead to a "right angled kettle lead", so save a little space. I need 4cm for the lead, 30cm depth in total (i.e. from wall to front of tray)
  5. The power rating on that lead looks ok, but as a warning for others, when I was browsing amazon sometimes the "kettle lead" is in quotes. As in the fitting is a kettle lead but it only has the power rating for a computer monitor or similar, not an actual kettle (or coffee machine).
  6. I'm using the softener cartridge also. By water filler hole I assume you mean the hole at the top of the removable water tank. I would say it's a snug fit, but no force needed. I'm using the 35l version of this https://espresso.lelit.com/accessorygroup/5
  7. i guess thats the issue, its not a warning, its an alarm (to quote the manual). an easier way to check the water level, or a water level “warning” would be a nice to have.
  8. e.g. today, powered on machine, pulled an espresso shot. low water warning came on. didnt have sufficient steam for pitcher of milk.
  9. €18 for shipping, express courier 1-5 days. "Only Spare parts" (this included the machine & a bunch of accessories)
  10. No, I'm based in Ireland (I've updated my profile). Was shipped with DHL express (tracked)
  11. Yes, was V3 as you say. Quoted original post above (is V505a to be more specific).
  12. Thanks MRS, refilled (removed) the water tank this morning, seems ok again.
  13. Did my first clean with detergent (puly caff) at the weekend, so a backflush with water only, a bf with detergent and a bf with water again. followed by some throw away coffee. This week some how the pump sounds more ‘rattly’ (not sure if I’m imaging it. coffee is same as before). Any thoughts?
  14. haaa! I got the 900g puly caff as well. But the manual says to back flush once a month with 3-5g of detergent, so I calculate I have 15-25 years supply! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. congrats. The tamper has to be a PLA481R. And while you’re at it might as well get PL106, PLA301S, PLA3800 and the wooden handle portafilter PLA582W as well [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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