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  1. Trust me when I say I understand fully the rationale for visible messaging and totally agree, of which I have also apologised. The fact that I actually PM'ed the OP before any of the offers where made resulting in me loosing out on this deal is punishment enough, that and the fact I am drinking instant coffee this morning! ? Trust me when I say, lesson learnt (the hard way) this will never happen again. ?? I have also just made a donation in way of support to this great forum and also to cement my apology once again. GLWTS ?
  2. Seriously guys, really not a problem. My apologies once again if my PM has upset anybody, just looking to buy a setup as my system died a death this morning! ??*♂️ All things being equal and all that, Let's just make sure that there is some sort of parity with regards to incorrectly posting, PMing or replying, in regard to those that make a simple non intentional mistake that was never meant to deceive or misuse this great forum. Yet again and in an effort to keep this on topic, my apologies [emoji52]
  3. Would say it's 'clear' as I made no offer merely asked for address details as I mentioned. Again, As stated and in an effort to keep the thread on topic, my apologies if it's not the case. I will not let this happen again [emoji106] Is there also not a mention of requesting the 'splitting of items' in a sticky somewhere? Just to add I was willing to purchase the whole package and not have it split?
  4. Ah ok, so I asked the op early this morning if he could confirm his location with regards to it being 'south Manchester' as I live in Cheshire. Reason for asking was to determine if he/she was close enough for me to visit and see said items, then respectfully accept his offer of sale or decline. My apologies if I broke any rules with regards to the PM sent to the OP. I have just re read the 'replying to sales posts' sticky to make sure I haven't inadvertently broke and forum rules. Other than not making comments about accurate pricing, or opinions on products, I thought my direct PM rega
  5. Thanks for the informative reply, that's a great help. I am far from claiming to be an expert, which I'm sure shows from my questions. But am willing to learn the dark arts of the perfect shot In answer to a few of the questions, I use freshly poured water which is filtered to NSF/ANSI 42 & 53, beans are stored at 2 degrees and usually consumed within 1 week ( buy 4 packs at a time, so the last pack would be 3 weeks old if that makes sense) skimmed milk, everything cleaned down, cups warmed etc.. But as I have discovered I still have a long way to go, of which I am looking forwa
  6. Wouldn't say quality (and didnt ) but consistency with the roast profile i guess...ie it didnt seem to deliver in terms of strength, flavour?? i did have this with one batch of tiger stripes from coffebeanshop, but found another batch to deliver more flavour??
  7. This is great advise...of which i will follow...you are spot on, i never taste the shot, just wack in the milk, very good advise. I suppose its all about having the time, rushing of out to work in the morning, one never really has the time to slow things down, which is why i guess i have neglected the method/process to making it right, suppose you cannot rush perfection Regarding Hasbeans, just found that some of the beans had little flavour at the time, not much roast if that makes sense (please excuse my lack of terminology) where as the coffebeanshop beans just seemed to wo
  8. I have read varying reviews on consistency with Has beans beans, not sure if it still the case?? and this only comes from personal experience and what i have read on the forum
  9. Thanks for all the feedback so far, i am begining to build a picture and formula for making the perfect Latte, and am already changing my thought on what 'I' thought was a latte...this is really usefull and helpfull stuff... So with this in mind....what espresso bean should i start with...Red brick??
  10. Can anyone take me through the 101 for Latte making or making the perfect Latte ?? Probably a good place to start
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