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  1. Very happy with mine bottomless from Crema, great result especially with fresh home roasted coffee https://youtu.be/t0PgQTybp0g
  2. Hi I use this roaster https://expresso.1fr1.net/t16089-machine-a-torrefier-a-air-chaud-made-in-china
  3. Hi, finally what did you get ? Last shot, 18gr/34s at 9bar, was not possible without the mod. There is some bubbles because it’s an only 3days old home roasted coffee
  4. Yes I did, I bought an external grinder 😂
  5. exactly, do some tests
  6. Hi, At first, please be careful with the main voltage ( remove the power plug to work inside, each times) ! And be careful, with water, there is some electronics componentS below the opv valve ! There is a risk of leakage by unscrewing the valve too much ! Cut the plastic tie, use a cutter to slightly lift one by one the two fins black clips of the opv valve. Get out the pipe. Yes on mine I did 3 full turns (counterclockwise). To test, I placed back the top and back cover (without screws), and yes need to activate the hopper switch (I did it with a wood stick). Place the portafilter with one cup basket and the black caoutchouc part, the one you use to clean the machine. Mine has a little hole on the middle, so I cut a piece of plastic film (plastic film for food), which I placed in the center, the pressure will press it down. Then, after tests, before to close all, check well for water leaking! One day later, I opened it again to check for leakage again.
  7. Yes, off course, but: Almost nothing is accessible in this machine, the easier way is to connect it directly on the mainboard and yes off course, need some test to localise the right connector. But if I asked for schematics, it’s to know more about this machine too
  8. The last shoot, Colombia Supremo Huila Cattura, 18gr, pi 5s, 34s, 38gr. Distribution could be better on the left side, but quiet satisfied and days after days I am more and more satisfied with this machine
  9. I realize on live the oscillation sound was more present, a more acute sound, a little attenuated by the video
  10. A shot with a medium roast Brazil Mogiana We can hear clearly the opv oscillating to limit the pressure. Sorry, we cannot see the scale well, I was focus on the flow behavior. 18gr, 7s pre-infusion, 40s 37Gr
  11. After a lot of coffee beans, I have noticed that the best results are often with the pressure outside the espresso area. Like TomHughes recommendations I decided to ignore this gauge. At the same times I made some internet search, and found 2 workarounds to limit the brew pressure. One with an electronic pump speed control from @joey24dirt (on this forum). And the second by using the safety valve. I decided to try this mod. I was surprised how that was easy, at first I was a bit afraid to broke the opv, but it doesn’t seem to be so weak, just need to be careful to get out the lock clip. There is a factory mark on the opv. I began with 1 counterclockwise turn, then 2 and got this pressure limitation. At 3 counterclockwise turns, I noticed here the pressure was a bit shaky, but I stay here, because that should be 9 bar, by referring to this table. So, what are issues to brew with a to high pressure, outside espresso recommendations, I don’t know what exactly but probably not so good to avoid channeling, ... if you have more information about this, please share. First shots, without changing the grind size, do not seem to significantly change the ratio, but all seems softer, less shaky especially at the end of extraction. Pucks was very flat and dry. Tastes was really interesting, less bitter with this blend arabica/robusta, is that subjective, yes ; is that scientific, no; it was a blind test, no and unfortunately I have just finished my batch of beans, need to get out the next one from the freezer. And now need time to drink coffee ( at lot of coffee ) to form an real opinion. Ah, one thing more, yes you get more water in the drip tray inside the opv
  12. Exactly, maybe it’s time to think about an external grinder …
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