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  1. Hi Japles and welcome, albeit from another newbie.
  2. Hi Matt, just to say that I'm in quite a similar kind of position to you- using Barista Encore grinder plus moka pots, from which me + my other half can make what seems to me to be very nice coffee- but thinking of getting a 2nd hand Gaggia Classic or similar. Hope that someone comes along soon with all the advice you need!
  3. Hi all. Yesterday my other half reminded me of some pictures I took of traditional instruments used by the Bedouins for making their coffee, and I wondered if members of this forum would be interested. This was during a visit to Amman in Jordan where my wife's aunt runs a small museum which houses a vast collection of traditional women's dresses from Palestine and other parts of the Arab region; there is also a room there with food and coffee related utensils used by the Bedouins. So, going in order of the process: firstly a long handled pan, which I was told would have been used for roas
  4. Hi again Rafael, I've not been to Hummus Imad but my other half has eaten there many times, she used to teach in a school nearby. I'd say our favourite place is Al Reda in the old city, brilliant atmosphere, good music as well as great food and coffee!
  5. Hi Rafael, good to meet you! Which town or village did you grow up in? My wife is from Nazareth, has lots of family and friends there, also in Jerusalem and other places, who we visit regularly.
  6. Trawling google for reviews of cheap coffee bean roasters!
  7. Hi from another newbie, also using stove top (moka) pot method.
  8. Hi all. Another question- wondering if anyone here drinks, or has experience of, the coffee that is from the Arab world (the beans do not have to be of Arab origin) and spiced with cardamom? We have a regular supply sent to us from Nazareth, where my wife's family live. Each town has a slightly different blend. We have it at weekends as a treat. Best, Noah
  9. Thanks for your replies ChilledMatt and hubcap! The stove top / moka method is currently the only way I use to make coffee. I can get a few lovely and strong small cups cups of coffee this way. I stop the flow (by dipping the bottom of the pot in cold water) before all the steam / water goes through, so the result is nice and syrupy. A brilliant way to start each day, especially during lockdown. I've no idea whether getting a proper expresso machine would give me a better result, to my taste. I've tried expresso at trendy places in Hackney which tasted interesting, but TBH not
  10. Hi all. New to this forum and wondering if there are others here making their coffee using this kind of thing:
  11. Thanks for the info. May end up getting an expresso machine but so far me & my Mrs are happy with our routine of making a few cups of coffee every morning via our collection of stove top coffee makers. Came across this forum while exploring the possibility of starting to roast beans at home rather than buying pre-roasted.
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