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  1. A fantastic grinder, it’s all I use.
  2. 58mm calibrated 30 lb force tamper, in original box a bit bashed in. The tamper is like new.
  3. A good choice of machine. Elizabeth owners rave about them. Thinking of moving on my 2002 Classic with PID soon. Enjoy playing with your new toy. Cheers.
  4. A brilliant hand grinder, it’s all I use for espresso. Enjoy it.
  5. I can highly recommend this grinder made by Knock, it’s all I use for my espresso.
  6. Surely the whole concept of a “hand” grinder, is just that. Operated by turning the handle using hand and arm. I don’t think the little Porlex which I own, likes it’s tiny burrs rotating at whatever rpm a drill generates. I look upon the “hand” grinding as part of the enjoyable coffee making process. Only my opinion.
  7. 25g flour, 50g water at 40 degrees. Over 4-5 days.
  8. Just out of the oven my first successful basic sourdough loaf, made using a Rye starter nurtured by me! The recipe is from Andrew Whitley’s first book.
  9. Fabulous job, an absolute stunner!👍
  10. Thanks for the link. I’ll check them out, it’s just to try out a “stone” bake to compare.👍
  11. The portafilter is worth more than £9.99? 😄
  12. An excellent job, it looks fabulous, a beautifully designed machine from another age.
  13. I own a Feld 47 and couldn’t be happier with it, the workmanship of the grinder is spot on. I can grind 14g of darkish roast on a setting of 1.9 -2.0 to give me a nice espresso consistency in just under 1 minute. Lighter roast I’ll tighten up a bit. The beauty of a hand grinder is that it lets you try a variety of beans easily and without changing hoppers and the like. I’ve yet to count the number of turns on the handle..... I just check the start/ finish time on the kitchen clock!
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