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  1. Where in the UK is the machine situated please.
  2. Thank you for replying to my question. I may well amend my order and buy the thicker base for the dome instead. I suppose it would be more versatile in that it could be used as a stand alone baking sheet for maybe scones and pizza! Happy Easter.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions. I came across the dome made by Netherton Foundry while researching over the weekend before I read your post, and ordered one! Only I will have to wait until May for it to be delivered. It’s good to know it comes recommended. I don’t think I can run to buying a Challenger pan as well for non round bakes? D o you find the base of the Netherton dome to be a suitable thickness. thank you.
  4. Thank you for your suggestions, it might be difficult to use the lid as a base with my DO. It wouldn’t be very stable due to the central knob on the lid. I checked the Lakeland site, the product is unavailable just now. Yes the main problem was when I lifted the scored loaf into the DO the cuts closed up again! But I will continue to use it along the cloche I ordered over the weekend. I hope to try the method used by Michiel Leijnse (YouTube) were he folds the dough loosely to create a “cut” top without actual cutting the dough!
  5. My second attempt at Andrew Whitley’s take on this DOP status bread. Altamura is a small town in Puglia famous as one of the few places where a branch of McDonald’s was forced to close through lack of trade! The locals preferring to get their takeaways from the artisan bakery. I baked it in my DO this time instead of on a bog standard baking tray with a piece of parchment on it. I’ve just ordered a potters kiln stone from Bath Potters, thanks to a recommendation from a forum member, will use that for my next bake.
  6. Looking for one of the above, or a suitable alternative. Currently using a Dutch oven for my loaves, works great but I find it difficult to score/cut the dough while it’s in the Dutch oven. I don’t seem to have much success cutting it with a lame on the worktop. With a cloche not being as deep as my Dutch oven I thought if might work better for me? Any recommendations for a decent cloche would be greatly appreciated, or any thoughts on the baking stone method against the cloche? thank you.
  7. Payment received, Thank you. Can a Mod mark this item as Sold please.
  8. Thank you. I accept your offer. Can we move to PM.
  9. Came with a machine I bought in the summer. In good condition. £35 including postage, UK only.
  10. Tamper now £40 including postage.
  11. Sorry I forgot it’s only up for valuation at the moment.
  12. Hi, You can have the knock out box and stand for £35 including postage if you are still interested.
  13. Thanks for the offer, I really need the full asking price inclusive of postage. It’s quite heavy.
  14. Anyone got a couple of these hidden at the back of a cupboard they no longer use please.
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