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  1. Started to reassemble the boiler today, a new gasket fitted. Looks a bit cleaner! I used the same bolts, and tightened them alternatively opposite corners. New gaskets to solenoid and OPV. Fitted new thermostats to boiler, 107 degrees for brew, 155 degrees for steam,(up from 145) Iused a bit of thermal paste on the thermostat base. I put the steam valve on next leaving the bolts finger tight. someone told me to leave them like this until the boiler assembly is mounted back in position. You can then push on the steam knob, centre it in the hole, then tighten the steam valve to the boile
  2. That’s very kind of you. I will certainly return it to you. I will PM you my address. many thanks.
  3. MayI use the gauge when you have finished with it please. I have another GC to set! If you still have it I will send you my details. thank you.
  4. The bolts for the boiler are 6mm Allen. OPV and Solenoid are 4mm. First photo shows boiler bolts second OPV and Solenoid.
  5. Thank you for the information, much appreciated.
  6. Having completed the rebuild on my 2002 Gaggia Classic over the weekend, I had it on for a few hours to check for leaks and the see if the thermostats were working, all okay. I now need to learn how to use it properly! I’ve now started to do a similar thing with a 2011 model. This I managed to buy locally from a charity shop. More than likely a one owner machine, not used a great deal. I first changed the steam wand for a V1 / V2 Rancilio one, then primed it and tested it for leaks and to see if it was heating up okay. The main difference between this model an d the 2002 on
  7. I can recommend the Happy Donkey PF. I have one for my GC.
  8. I number the connections carefully and make a diagram, also it’s a good idea to take a photo before you start. I was told never to disconnect the front switches, keep them intact. I just un clipped them and pulled them though the hole covering them to avoid scratching the front panel. I’ve finished the 2002 G.C. now and have started stripping down a 2011 model which again hasn’t been used much! It’s noticeable how the quality of the components differ between the two models. Photos to follow. Hope You will enjoy the process of refurbishing your machine, I certainly did, that’s wh
  9. To be fair the before group head was in good condition prior to a clean. I don’t think the machine although a one owner, hadn’t been used for a few years!
  10. Started to reassemble the machine today. Fitted a new boiler gasket after skimming face of meeting face with wet and dry. The thermal paste arrived today. applied to both thermostats. I replaced the gaskets to solenoid, OPV valve and steam valve. I gave the steam valve a good soaking in citric acid, fingers crossed it doesn’t leak! IMS shower screen, brass holder and a cafelat silicone Gasket. I also changed the steam wand for a Rancilio. To my surprise it fired up first time, with no leaks! I really enjoyed working on this Classic. the first one I’ve done, learned
  11. I ordered some from Amazon 4g tube, should have it tomorrow. many thanks.
  12. I can’t be sure the steam wand drips. When I got it I primed it and put some water through the wand. I was able to shut it off and I don’t think it dripped? I’ll soak it in citric, fit a new gasket, then see how it performs.🤞
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