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  1. Hi there It’s been a while since my restaurant management days when I would happily dial in standard double shots (14g, 22-28 seconds, 60ml). Since then I discovered the flavours in more lighter roasts (Hasbean Jabberwocky in particular) and bought a triple basket. I have been putting in 20g and manually stopping the flow at around 40ml. All good until my wife moved the grinder to clean and nudged the collar (Mazzer Major). I am now at a loss as to how to get back to where I was and over time have lost my confidence. So, should I redial in the grinder from the chirp point
  2. I will take £40 delivered.
  3. That I don’t know. The backing plate is Major-specific, or at least was sold as such. I haven’t researched Mini dimensions. Instinctively I would say not, although I could be wrong.
  4. Hi there I was hoping for £40 plus postage - parts on their own were more, the funnel is precut and there is a turned wooden lid thrown in too. Sorry, new to this game. Not sure what postage would be but would be capped at £5 - would need to check box size and delivery time desired.
  5. Dear all Hasbean’s Jabberwocky (or at least the Fernandes and Wells house blend that it is most close to) was the espresso that I refer to as my Damascene moment back in 2008. The sweetness in the last few cooling sips was a flavour I had never associated with coffee back then and I remember vividly it marrying with the paprika from the scrambled egg and chorizo I was enjoying it with. Ever since then it has been my go to - a 40ml shot from 20g in a bottomless portafilter. Two of those first thing and I am unstoppable! Now I have my grinder up and running again, I would like to try s
  6. Have ended up buying a keyboard vacuum cleaner as the yellow shows up the coffee grinds like nothing else! That said, wouldn’t swap it for anything!
  7. I think I looked at this for guidance: https://www.home-barista.com/grinders/super-jolly-doserless-parts-template-t15369.html I have a tape measure but it doesn’t look to be very precise and I wouldn’t want to give incorrect information. As I recall, the Major and Super Jolly dosing units are the same size (albeit the backing plates may be different).
  8. Hi I took a template from somewhere on here but know it fitted my Major doser screw holes as I tried fitting it. I don’t have an accurate tape measure to hand - if I find one I will post a picture.
  9. Hi all Managed to lose one of these when refurbishing the machine and the switch is currently held in place with one, not the two screws it is meant to be. My suspicion is M3 but I keep misordering length and head so thought it prudent to seek out guidance here before my odd screw collection gets too big! Eternal gratitude to anyone who can advise a simpleton like me what I should be looking for! Thanks!
  10. Having recently refurbished my Mazzer Major, I now have a funnel (Pre-cut with the screw and chute holes), the Mazzer motor back plate and a wood turned lid for the funnel. I had intended to use this for my own Major but had a last minute change of heart and spent my son’s inheritance on the Daniel Wong set up. The funnel and backing plate cost me just shy of £50 and with a lid and the work already complete on the funnel, this is ready to go/fit. I would welcome sensible offers. (Motor back plate not in photos but still for sale at espressoshop amongst other places).
  11. I had gone from wanting matte black, to chrome, to copper, to pearlescent deep brown but glad to have settled on the yellow. It really brightens up the kitchen (and given how much counter space I have stolen, that’s a very good thing!). Kustom Kans (Harley Davidson Chrome Yellow) I think with a basic filler primer beneath and clear top coat - the paint wasn’t cheap, but I am thrilled with the result!
  12. So far I can report that the Wong set up is very good but doesn’t completely solve the grind retention - as I said, yellow shows up everything! We are talking minuscule amounts in all reality but there was a consistent small accumulation right in the top right corner of the spout. Easily shifted, but worth knowing. Still happy to have spent the money.
  13. I have a spare dremelled fudge funnel and backing plate if you wanted the regular doserless mod. Also a turned wooden lid for the funnel.
  14. Thanks a lot - dialling it in earlier I realised it shows up EVERYTHING! But I still love it!
  15. I think it’s a double-edged sword to be honest. I am now living in fear of chipping it - there’s something comforting about lives-in equipment! I think I just went for it as the grinder had been very unloved with grinds welded to the burrs etc, and once I had started, momentum (and photos of other projects!) took over! It has left me grinderless for some time...and every time I consider it finished, I decide to buy a new switch or feet or power cable etc!
  16. I forget - seemingly titanium (coated at least!), bought off eBay - think those are the ones.
  17. Yup - actually the friend (the DT technician at the school where I work and an ex-body repair shop employee to boot) helped make up my mind when I was exploring sand blasting etc by misinterpreting my instructions and getting on with things. I am glad he did! Only issue is now I am super nervous about damaging the paint job! It has Kustom Canz 2k clear lacquer so should stand up to gentle nudges! Here’s hoping!
  18. Might also be related to not yet having dialled it in. Also committed the schoolboy error of soaking the upper burr carrier too long in Cafiza and dulling the finish. 🤷‍♂️
  19. 🤣 I was leaning towards respraying - hopefully the picture shows why!
  20. Yes, I am unsure of when they changed the design - more modern incarnations seem to have a shorter front lip and a drip/grounds tray instead. Couldn’t find a model history for the Major when I looked online.
  21. Yeah, I was torn - wanted something a little more subdued originally, but figured it was going to stand out whatever colour it was in a small kitchen, so bold won out! It'll help wake me up in the mornings before the caffeine hits the system!
  22. Thought I would share this Major I acquired for not much (error with the listing price and too far/expensive to return!) back in May. Dithered forever and a day on what to do with it - it had been neglected in a north London restaurant and was clogged and chipped but in solid working order. Finally settled on a colour (Harley Davidson Chrome Yellow from Kustom Canz) and then, having modified a fudge funnel and had a friend turn a wooden lid, gave in to the Daniel Wong kit which seems so slick. Still want to replace the drab black electrical flex, but otherwise we are go
  23. Sharing the end result. Very happy with it. Buckled and went for the doserless Daniel Wong kit in the end.
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