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  1. Interested in the below if splitting. cheers Lelit wooden lever/knob kit (PLA2200) Lelit wooden bottomless pf
  2. ebbz139

    Mara X

    Hey all, took delivery of the Mara X on Friday and have been trying to pull a good shot all weekend with little success. I bought a kg of crappy beans just so I could play around and experience the process but I do have some good beans that I also used with the same results. From what I can work out I am not getting enough pressure in the shot before it starts pouring currently always pours at < 2, which I though meant more coffee or a finer grind. Here is what I am doing, and would appreciate any tips! 1. Grinding beans as fine as seems possible (As I am trying to reduce the flow and does not seem to grind if I turn the dial even finer) Eureka Zenith)) 2. 18g out into the standard basket that came with the portafilter, tamping put in machine and go Temp I. 3. hits 40g out after about 18seconds, pressure is less than 2 when it starts pouring. 4. does not taste good, little crema. Cheers
  3. @Suru82 @OliG Excuse the impatience, did you both receive the invoices from Osmio ok?
  4. Paid Invoice here as well.
  5. Same here. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Cheers all. Email sent to Osmio, expect to receive your invoices soon 😀
  7. ebbz139

    Mara X

    Cheers all, ordered from BB this evening. Looking forward to using this beast as my first machine!
  8. ebbz139

    Mara X

    Very true, will most likely go ahead with BB.
  9. ebbz139

    Mara X

    Was about to purchase the Mara x tonight from BB then saw it for £899 with free delivery Here . Did anyone else order theirs from espresso underground? thanks
  10. Thanks all, just awaiting @Drc ; details then we are good to go. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Great! Ok can everyone send me their names and emails and I’ll get them sent over to Osmio. Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks Dave. I've posted in a few places, didn't want to spam the forum though :D. Appreciate your reviews btw. always interesting reads and have convinced me to make a big hole in my pocket! Only one more to go!
  13. I'm in a similar situation to you, joined the forums not long ago. From what I have read here I am pretty set on a setup of the below: - Eureka Zenith Grinder (already bought from the forums) - Osmio Zero Reverse Osmosis System (do not want to use bottled water, this seems to be the best alternative in terms of prevent scale in your machine, check out DaveCs review - also a group buy going on here, to get the units on offer) - Lelit Mara X (Again check out DaveCs review on these, seem very highly praised and a lot of members seem to be purchasing these.)
  14. Any other members interested?
  15. ebbz139

    Mara X

    Excited to take the plunge on a Mara X as my first machine. Just waiting for a few others to join the group buy for a Osmio zero first as I don’t want to use bottled water in it (environment friendly)!
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