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  1. I don't really believe most of the issues arising with these devices (as I have read) is as much to do with poor appliance or water quality as much as just not reading or following manufacturer instructions. A symptom of the iPhone generation I'm afraid.
  2. Hello and welcome. Perhaps you are the best as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication or something....
  3. Allowed? Ask what you like! A PID is a fancy thermostat.
  4. I have no idea what this is or how to use it but I am going to have fun finding out.
  5. I've got some Columbian beans to try. Light roast from Ataco, Tolima. I'll give them a whirl in the Gaggia and the Aeropress.
  6. I'm sure that's not going to be the only coffee shaped dent in the 🐖 bank!
  7. Great choice. They look the dogs :thumbup: Buy a used beater-upper grinder off the used forum perhaps? Then sell it on for cost when the Niche arrives.
  8. Looking around today, Starbucks Blond seems to be the lightest bean on the shelves? Not sure if this helps, mind...
  9. Be careful lubing something that may not be required (fnarr). You could cause the thing to gum up or at worst catch fire. Perhaps read the manufacturing notes from the valve?
  10. What is an "allonge" shot? Interesting comments about extraction on light roasts. I detest sour coffee but I want to like and learn to see if I can enjoy the lsol! I could dial the grinder to min and then let the shot drift and see how that works?
  11. Super reply and just what I was looking for. "Much finer" might be a challenge for my German Chinese rebrand grinder though
  12. They have "gone off, bin them" according to my long suffering partner who spat out the coffee I made with them Ah well, I hate waste though.
  13. Yea, I suppose that's what I should do. It's just a bag o' beans right?
  14. I've a Gaggia Classic and Graef CM802 Burr grinder. Ok stuff but it's not prosumer by any means. I fancy a change and want to look at something else than my usual Italian blends. With this work? I've an Aeropress and a French press if not.
  15. Yup. The caves are great and you are correct (ignoring the ones at the ports for the tourists). Point is, that sometimes what's best isn't always the dearest. Same for food. You can go to many a Michelin star restaurant or posh eatery and spend much but sometimes simple food cooked and served locally is as good as you will ever get. I haven't been to France for a while actually and now I'm talking about it, I'm rather missing it OP: do let us know what you are going to do!
  16. I admit to hating pretty much any Scotch I try. I blame my relative who loved Bells and would force it on me ever Xmas to my horror and disgust. Quite the opposite for Irish whiskey though. Jameson's in particular is such an easy drink to enjoy. So much so, It changed my opinion of the sector tbh. I went from hating the stuff (whiskey) to enjoying a nightcap of it when I got a fancy. I don't drink much if at all these days but I keep a bottle of Irish in the cupboard for when I do.
  17. You'll not find a proper Frenchman drinking Remy, etc. They usually go for the locally produced and supermarche relabeled, bottom of the shelf, specials which the average tourist would consider to be nothing more than mouth gargle. Same for the wine as well tbh. The best stuff is usually hidden right Infront of your face
  18. I think as well, if you are gifting a whiskey to someone who isn't a big drinker that it needs to be "accessible" as much as anything and it's that reason I recommended the Tullamore. I think Irish whiskey is a far easier spirit than Scotch, etc. Sure, a bottle of 100 yr old GlenMcsomething might be fantastic, but to a non connoisseur, it might just be as relevant as a bottle of Turps. A bit like coffee I suppose....
  19. Laphroaig is like a bottle of Scotch that's been filtered through a peat-diggers week old socks I can never decide if I like it or loathe it.
  20. Well in that case, a bottle Tullamore Dew would be my choice. https://www.finedrams.com/tullamore-dew-caramic-jug-whisky.html Great whiskey and a nice jug to boot.
  21. Honestly, I see so much just plain bad advice here, it's a question I don't like to see asked. My advice though: use the manufacturer recommended products unless you are super sure of what you are doing. The reason for this is because most people are happy to recommend alternatives without understanding how chemicals and materials can interact.
  22. If you don't like them, buy some God-awful hipster shite which costs a fortune but tastes like dishwater 
  23. It's only frowned upon because members are happy and able to spend more. If you have a budget, you are bound by it. Also, often ignored is situation. Don't be swayed by other opinions. Just listen to them and form your own. There are those with a budget machine and grinder who are perfectly happy. (Like me)
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