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  1. Good post but, you shouldn't have to mechanically or electrically hack a machine these days though surely? I mean, come-on, a standard thermostat with a 15c swing/hysteresis in today's world? Its an embarrassment. If you are going second hand, well, perhaps a fudged GC or Silvia can be a cheap gateway but neither hacking the electrics of the plumbing should be taken lightly tbh. Not many people are "competent" in that regard.
  2. (I have the V2 GC) My opinion: Neither. Both machines are stuck in the decade they were originally conceived with little or no change or innovation. I'd buy a Sage over either of them. But, If i had to choose, it would be the Rancillio, You were right to return the GC due to the amount of aluminium in the brew path. This is why Gaggia do not want you to backflush or use non Gaggia cleaner. Pitting and damage to the passive layer is a real issue. The Brass Silvia wins hands down here. Also, the Gaggia needs a hack to its safety valve (there is no such thing as
  3. no, but... I would hazard that they did this damage during the service? Suggestion: I see that it look like the connector has cracked, but not fully. Suggest you carefully remove the pins without further damaging the connector, clean it up, flip the rubber seal over, rebond the cracked connector with plastic weld and reinforce with a wide zip tag before replacing the pin and reassembling. Tighten up the zip tie once all together to make sure. Might work, might not. What's to lose?
  4. Without a working grinder, it's all just an exercise in futility tbh. Buy a grinder and start from scratch.
  5. Well, I'd buy the best grinder for your requirements that you can afford for when you eventually move on from the GC. I'd spend the money on the GC mods on the grinder instead. If you must, buy a cheap digital thermocouple and temp surf whilst you save up £100 for the PID (or build your own) and then when you have that £100 and a few months under your belt temp surfing the GC with a great grinder, you might then sell it on and buy a proper espresso machine that doesn't need hacking to get the best out of it.
  6. Off the shelf, There isn't one? *All things considered...
  7. One of the ugliest grinders available imo. Wood? Who thought that one through? Wood is so 00's. Is it trying to be steampunk? Doesn't pass the shmbo test for sure.
  8. Seems like an awful lot of faff. My uneducated and kneejerk response is for you to sell the Gaggia as is, keep the hand grinder for pour over and go the @TomHughes route of a manual lever machine (Pavoni) and hand espresso grinder (jx?) You'll be able to twiddle away to your hearts content and not spend much doing so.
  9. IMO, that's not happening. At least, the work landscape is now changed for good. I used to work in an office 5/52 before Covid. On top of that, a heavy sprinkle of business trips. Now, I doubt I will ever return to the office permanently again, nor do I want to. You can shove the commute where the sun don't shine. I'd even take a pay cut to stay out of the office. My employer has zero interest in full offices either. The WFH scene is great for my sector and honestly, business trips are now seen as not really necessary and looking back, mostly probably weren't either. O
  10. Yea, I think that's a fair assessment tbh. Anyone can chuck a few scoops of pre-ground into a cafeteria, but is that "good" coffee? If you want latte's or flat whites, etc, you step into a complex web of machine and process and most seasoned users here will oft tell you of the learning curves and constant failures. As coffee Messiah himself says, do you want a drink or do you want a hobby?
  11. These Gaggia machines don't have "OPV's" they have safety valves. If you want pressure regulation, either tee off the pump outlet with a separate valve (easy enough) or hack the manifold inlet with a modified GC inlet valve. (Both options mentioned above) Leave the system safety valves well alone would be my advice.
  12. When furlough ends (if?) The economy is going to fall off a cliff and coffee will be just one casualty. I imagine they intend to extend furlough through Xmas. If not, well, Xmas is going to be dismal. Online is just going to get bigger and bigger but I'm not so sure for the coffee industry, it's really that transferable. You have upticks in home users for sure but as this forum highlights on a daily basis, good coffee at home is difficult. Espresso especially so. I don't find the current situation depressing, I find it deeply worrying. We are freewheeling towards a very difficul
  13. And as usual, i have no idea what you are talking about 👍
  14. Well, you may be amazingly lucky but these are scams. The seller goes on holiday or AWOL. The hacker gains access to the account and sets up bait with items known to be popular and high value. The items are bought BIN and the money transferred to the hackers account. Eventually this triggers eBay's bots and the account is shuttered. If you paid with PayPal, you should get a refund. If not, you will be out on a limb. Its a scam old as eBay.
  15. Just replace the bolt with a lower profile fastening? Plenty to choose from tbh.
  16. Well, the cause of Tom's dental distress hasn't been proven or not so I'd say you would be wise to be cautious. If I may speculate: RO water is nasty stuff. It's an industrial treatment whose products are not meant for domestic use. RO water is harmful to man and machine. I've said before on this forum that I don't feel it's something to be used lightly in a domestic environment. Tom's dentist agrees. But, perhaps something else is at hand here? Tom isn't of course, using RO water at all. He is using treated water of which RO is just one of the processes. I
  17. The same boiler temp as my V2 Gaggia. Interesting. I like the techno application.
  18. I too saw that from GaggiaDirect and when I saw the date of this OP, am a bit confused. GD really need to take the camera duties off the old farts in the office and get some of the younger staff involved or hire a blogger or sumert. The videos are cringe At ~£1800, it's too pricey for me to ever consider it. Why so expensive?
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